cutting movies

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:13 16 Oct 2004

hi all is freeware that can cut movies at a random part in a movie to size down the file?.cheers.ben

  grabster 17:29 16 Oct 2004

Hi, use this, click here the bit you want is choose video-cd, span image.
gives you two bin/cue files ready for burning...It is an mpeg file aint it other wise may not work.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:42 17 Oct 2004

hi saddly it isn't mpeg its AVI,not to worry i already have a converter on my computer.cheers.ben

  JYPX 12:29 17 Oct 2004

If you are using XP then you don't need to convert the file - you already have a movie editor, Windows Movie Maker. Hope this helps.....

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:42 17 Oct 2004

hi there,how can i use WMM to cut the films,i can't seem to open the movie i wan't to edit.any ideas?.cheers mate.

  JYPX 21:19 17 Oct 2004

Just open Windows Movie Maker, perhaps not in full screen, so that you can see your desk top. Drag your AVI movie onto the Movie task pane, (this is the large, mainly blank area on the left side of your window). Click once on your AVI file to highlight it. Now look at the movie player over to the right of the window. Click Play. PAUSE and "split" the clip wherever you wish (the split button is under the movie player). Note that all of your chosen segments now appear in the Movie task pane. If you want to save, for example , segments 1 and 4, drag those 2 items onto the storyboard (in the lower part of the window). Select File , Save Movie File, etc...

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:46 18 Oct 2004

cheers mate i have splitted the file,but now when i try to save it,it comes up with a format "mswmm" can i not convert these back to avi?.thanks alot.ben

  GroupFC 17:01 18 Oct 2004

Sounds like you have created a project - presumably by importing the original film and then splitting it. Going from memory - MM2 is on my machine at home - you need to finish the movie and save it.

In MM2 somewhere on the left hand side should be several options to finish the movie. If you click on save to my computer you should then get taken to a settings dialogue box. If you then click on show more settings you should get a drop down which will enable you to select .avi.

Be warned .avi files are huge and (at least on my system) take a hell of a time to render!

If JYPX (who seems to know what he is on about!) is not around I'll have a look in later tonight to see if you need more help (got to go know kids' parents evening at the school).

  GroupFC 17:03 18 Oct 2004

In the mean time have a trawl round here click here

  JYPX 17:19 18 Oct 2004

After you have chosen a name for your movie the next option is the format in which the movie will be created. If you choose the button marked "other settings" you now have a drop-down box with loads of choices. One of these choices is marked Dv-Avi and does indeed appear to produce an Avi file. I rarely use this option as the files created are very large. Give it a try with a very short segment to see what I mean! So....If you must create an Avi movie - of reasonable size - you may have to look elsewhere.
Please note that my comments relate to the pre SP2 version of Movie Maker.

  JYPX 17:27 18 Oct 2004

Ah yes - of course (thanks GroupFC ). What you have selected is Save Project. What you need to select is Save Movie File and then have a look at your save options.

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