Cut & Paste problem!

  boysie 18:41 30 Sep 2008

When I try and cut & paste a page from a web page, I get the text, but not any Pictures! I'm using a program called Gadwin printscreen where you can use printscreen to cut a page and then copy it to a wordprocessor. But no picture is pasted!


  sanchoPanza 18:53 30 Sep 2008

try fastone
click here

  Technotiger 18:57 30 Sep 2008

Try with this one instead, this is the Free version ....

click here

  Technotiger 18:58 30 Sep 2008

Snap! ... but mine is the Free Version ... LoL

  sanchoPanza 19:06 30 Sep 2008

firefox with the add on wot flags up brothersoft as dangerous?

  sanchoPanza 19:14 30 Sep 2008

old apps may be safer but free
click here

  Technotiger 19:41 30 Sep 2008

I have been using lots of Brothersoft stuff for years - never had a problem.

  boysie 11:29 01 Oct 2008

Hi everybody, I tried 2 capture programs,and one I'm using at the moment is captureWiz! which Looks neat! But it costs! I don't mind if I can still paste but I'm still having no luck! I bring up my Word program open a new document then use paste, but all I get is blank areas! I even tried another word processor, the same thing! It apears in the clipboard pane on the left, but can't get it on the page! Many Thanks...Appreciate all your help!

  Technotiger 11:55 01 Oct 2008

Using FastStone capture, set the Destination as your My Pictures folder. Then when you want to insert that into any document at all just do the same as you would with any normal picture from My Pictures. It really is very easy!

  boysie 12:43 01 Oct 2008

Thanks for your advice which I followed, but when I bring up a word document my picture won't paste!


  Technotiger 13:32 01 Oct 2008

Then there would appear to be a problem with your word software, or you might not be doing the job correctly.

Open your document and then drag the screenshot (it will be called screenshot 0001 or similar if using FastStone) It should not be necessary to copy&paste.

I have just done exactly that - put a screen-shot into a blank Word document. I just dragged it across from My Pictures. Totally painless ....

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