Cut folder didnt paste - where has it gone!?

  collinsc 14:46 25 Nov 2018

Hi All I cut a large folder to paste into another folder in explorer. The file has gone from the cut location but hasnt arrived in the pasted location. I definitely cut it rather than 'move'. i had stepped away but saw no error messages. my assumption has always been that if it didnt paste correctly then the file would still be in the cut location, however it isnt. is there some temporary file it may be!? many thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:15 25 Nov 2018
  collinsc 16:11 25 Nov 2018

thanks very much, ill give that a go once i get access to the PC in question.

  wee eddie 19:12 25 Nov 2018

If the PC has been turned off. It's, very likely, gone

  compumac 20:45 25 Nov 2018

I had a similar problem in cut and paste for moving a folder. I cut the folder and then went to paste it into the required folder but it did not arrive there. I searched the hard disc and found the folder and can only assume that in dragging it to the intended folder I had released the mouse button at the wrong time and actually pasting it elsewhere.

Do a search on the disc.

  KEITH 1955 23:08 25 Nov 2018

ok so lets pretend your folder is called 123 , if you type 123 your search box it show where it is or the magnifying symbol will direct you to a web site detailing how to find its contents

  john bunyan 07:25 26 Nov 2018

This is why I copy and paste, then delete after checking it has copied

  collinsc 19:10 26 Nov 2018

thanks all. resolved as someone thankfully had a copy also.

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