CustomPC arrived and not turning on

  BenSutton287 21:50 25 Dec 2015

I shipped my custom PC to a guy in my country and it was working perfectly before i sent it. It was boxed up with styrofoam and bubble wrap and when the buyer received it he said it won't turn on and observed condensation on motherboard. He paid me £550 for it and is a really cool guy so I really want to get it working for him. Any suggestions?

PC Components Intel i5 4670K Processor (Stable Overclock to 4GHz -8GB Corsair Vengence 8GB DDR3 RAM
-Gigabyte Z87X-D3H Motherboard (Socket 1150, Z87 Express, DDR3, S-ATA 600, ATX, Haswell) -Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card -Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive (Used for running Operating system) -Also, 1TB high speed Hard Drive for storage -Corsair Modular CX750M Power Supply
-Zalman Z11 Case with interior Blue lighting
-CoolerMaster hyper 212 evo (120mm)

  RV510 22:13 25 Dec 2015

Tell him to place it in a warm place in the house to dry out for a few days and then try turning it on again, you should always leave any electronic equipment to dry out in this way if it's been in transit. If it still won't power up tell him to test the internal fuse, that's if there was one fitted, it may be fused. Try that and go from there.

  wee eddie 10:11 26 Dec 2015

I know that this may sound silly but, most computers have a Power Switch somewhere on the back. This is rarely used and frequently forgotten

  spuds 12:26 26 Dec 2015

You do not mention what country you are located, because this might provide a few answers, especially where mains electric is concerned.

Another suggestion, is to check if anything in the case as not come loose, while in transit, and more so, how it was transported, and whether a claim against the courier might be possible.

Perhaps nothing to do with your present problem. But I had a very expensive and large control panel unit, shipped from the UK to Brunei. The item was extremely well packed in a timber crate with lining, by professional's. On arrival the unit was totally useless, because it had been transported in the rear of a large dump truck, and through the sea journey, salt/sea water had flooded the storage area, which left the item submerged for most of the journey. Luckily, the insurance paid up, and we were able to fly out the replacement large control panel.

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