Customising Rules in Microsoft Outlook 2003...

  Dirty Dick 15:44 11 Mar 2006

I have just created a second email account for my wife, and added it to MS Outlook 2003, the email functionality works fine. At first the emails for both accounts got mixed in the inbox, so I created 2 rules, 'Where [email protected] is in the to box, move to folder InboxDirtyDick*' and 'Where [email protected] is in the to box, move to folder InboxDickysWife*' - I created 2 folders in Outlook, one called InboxDirtyDick another called InboxDickysWife.

The problem comes when my nephew sends an email to both of us (2 names in the 'To' box), we each recieve the email TWICE! But if he sends an email to one of us, i.e. only one of our names in the 'To' box, then only the person it was addressed to recieves it (ONCE!)!

Thanks in advance

  Dirty Dick 17:14 11 Mar 2006

Sorted this after a lot of trial and error!

Heres how:

Create a new rule for each mail account you want messages moving for.

select these options >

Apply this rule after the message arrives
through the ACCOUNTNAMEHERE account
and on this machine only
move it to the FOLDERNAMEHERE folder
and display a desktop alert

Good Stuff!

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