Customised print layout for photos

  steadman7 16:58 18 Oct 2012

I have been using Kodak Easyshare for many years and have customised the print layout (Position and sizes of photos on an A4 sheet) by editing a file called template.ini . I now need to use something else as I am using W7 64 bit and the old program will only run in compatibility mode and is very slow and unresponsive. (Kodak don't now offer downloadable software). As far as I can see Picasa does not enable print layout to be customised. Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Customised print layout option is a priority.

  muddypaws 19:58 18 Oct 2012

Not sure what you mean by customise, but Picasa/Tools/options gives you a variety of print sizes, but no facility to drag about on the page.

  lotvic 20:57 18 Oct 2012

Do you have any MS Office programs? or any Word program?

Insert | Picture | from 'File' and browse to wherever you pic is on your pc

you can resize a pic by clicking on it and using the 'handles' that are in each corner. You can also drag the pic to wherever you want by hovering your mouse over it until you get the 4 arrows symbol, then hold down left mouse button and drag.

Tip: if your pics are scattered about in your files, copy the ones you want to a new folder then when you browse to that folder you can multiple select them to insert (hold down Ctrl key while you click on the ones you want)

  hssutton 21:02 18 Oct 2012

You can also do this quite easily in any image editor that allows the use of layers. Paint.Net will do what you want and it's freeware

  woodchip 21:58 18 Oct 2012

Have a look hear for software some free

Click Hear

  steadman7 21:56 19 Oct 2012

Thank you all for your helpful replies. I know how to produce a specific layout using other software but this is not really ideal for a frequent requirement.Using Easyshare in the past I have been able to set up our own template which other users have then been able to select. This defines one or more frames on the A4 sheet into which the selected photos are dropped for printing. Easyshare then offers fit/fill choices etc to cope with situations where the aspect ratio of the (possibly cropped) photo does not match that of the space allocated.

In other words the customised print template becomes an integral part of the Easyshare application.

Thec only problem with this is that the old version of Easyshare that I have been using runs painfully slowly on my otherwise very quick new PC.

I am hoping to obtain a recent version of the Kodak disc, which hopefully will run OK on W7 (64), and then modify the ini files in the same way as the earlier verion I have used thus far.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

  brambles 18:36 21 Oct 2012

Free Download of Latest Version here.


  Sea Urchin 22:40 21 Oct 2012

I think that brambles' link only applies to Windows XP. Kodak Easyshare version 8 should be fine with Windows 7 64 bit.

Downloadable from here

Also, running it in compatibility mode seems to be a little more involved than just using the compatibility tab. A Microsoft guide here

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