Custom PC Windows 10 won't activate.

  Maximusnights 07:30 17 Apr 2017

Okay I bought a custom pc about a year and a half ago and was never able to activate windows 10 on it. It never seemed to bother me but now it is. I have been trying tgo fix this issue for the past 3 months off and on as I have a very time consuming job. I have tried everything in the books, web and personal suggestions which I was able to aqquire. I even bought a new activation code from Frys Electronics. Even with that new product key it wouldn't activate. I was thinking of down grading to windows 7 and then using the free update to windows 10 but how can I find out if my computer is compatable with an earlier Operating System?

  Govan1x 08:43 17 Apr 2017

Right click the start menu and click on System. It should tell you on that if it is activated or not.

Cant see Microsoft letting you run an unregistered version of W10 for all this time without closing it.

Have you got windows updates disabled as there is a new upgrade for W10 on it now so if it installs that I would imagine it already has your keycode.

  alanrwood 09:46 17 Apr 2017

" I was thinking of down grading to windows 7 and then using the free update to windows 10"

What free upgrade are you referring to. The initial offer to upgrade free finished about a year ago. There is still a way round it but it does involve telling a porky.

If your computer is compatible with Win 10 then yes it will be compatible with Win 7.

Just as a matter of interest does the computer have internet access.

Have you tried the "Media Creation Tool" from MS

  Forum Editor 11:18 17 Apr 2017

"I bought a custom pc about a year and a half ago"..

Was Windows 10 pre-installed when you bought the machine? If it was, were you provided with a product key (often via a sticker on the machine, or inside the box it came in?

  Maximusnights 20:40 18 Apr 2017

Okay yes I have done every thing everyone has asked if I've done. I have tried registering the licence, I have gone to the activation page and tried clicking activate and yes I am getting updates as they are turned on. The problem is with the watermark which will not go away on the bottom right hand corner telling me that Windows is not activated.

When I go into the activation page and put the product key displayed on the Microsoft product key sticker and It doesn't accept it. And when I put the new key purchased from frys electronics it still doesn't accept it. Windows never shuts down nor locks me out but it still displays as unactivated.

That is why I was wondering how to check if my computer would run on Windows 7 and buy that product key and down grade then upgrading with the new windows 7 key. I know this work around will cost me the price of a new product key if compatible for the downgrade and it still may not work but if it does and it prevents me from taking the computer into a shop then I rather spend the the money for the down grade and that would be worth it.

If by chance it doesn't work then at least I know it is something beyond my comprehension or ability to fix on my own. Not that I couldn't if I invested the time but the truth is I only feel like putting in so much effort.

  bumpkin 22:30 18 Apr 2017

Have you tried activating by telephone, it is not hard and worked for me when using win7 that had a similar issue albeit several years back.

  lotvic 23:46 18 Apr 2017

Your install of W10 seems to be corrupted, I suggest you do as per the post by MrMercyGGNov 7, 2016, 3:48 AM clickhere and reinstall Windows 10 as per the advice of Microsoft.

  Maximusnights 02:30 20 Apr 2017

I don't think I have the same issue because my computer started showing the water mark then I bought a new serial number but what I neglected to state was that the product number I bought from Frys electronics came with a windows OSI cd. The chances that my origanal OS being corrupt is very likely but the brand new one with iso on cd also being corrupted seems very unlikely. Just the same 8 think next time I have the time I will give Microsoft a call maybe they can diagnose the problem and fix it.

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