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  project-stealth 00:26 13 Nov 2003

Online site for running community projects, with autogenerated templates depending on the type of projects - updates from appropriate government pages regarding latest guidelines or information. Security is important to protect contributors and providers within each project - site is intended to help others to help themselves.

1. secure login interface
2. ability to set permissions for each user
- admin of a "project"
- admin of a project "field"
- contributor in a field
- supporter of a project
- others
3. ability to interface with business management runtime software *haven't chosen package yet* OR ability to auto-generate similar facilities in a page perhaps through a system of templates called by pages used by users.
4. ability to record and document and backup all stages of all project decisions and communications through the site by email or message boards etc - with date tagging and the ability to search within the backups.
5. ability to set who and how a user can add files and directories for projects and call their contents into modules that can be formatted and laid out according to a users preferences.

1. use modified php-nuke and mysql combination?
2. run with apache server
3. set defaults that can be adjusted


hehe - thanks :) tis very complicated - but i want to do something unique. Any help with the how bit would be very welcome - the above *ideas* software i have - but how? is a mystery with the application:
see click here for what i have started.

Thanks again :)

  Talented Monkey 00:54 13 Nov 2003

Depends on your level of expertise, are you a competent programmer and know or willing to learn PHP? onyl way you can get a truly satisfactory result is to write everything yourslef, somthing not for the faint hearted!

I created a similar site a while ago for a small organization, where different users had different accecss levels and restricted to certain pages accordingly. quite easy to create a login panel and password check,every person will have a access level code, simply 1 2 3 4 5 will do! and load the corresponding menu, but hell i might as well be talking a different language to most people..

One site you may find useful for this type of thing is click here look at thier own tutorials on membership systems and others very very useful.

If you cant programme much and so on and dont want to go down this road, then im afraid i am a bit lost as to what you can do. well for tonight anyway as you can see by my typing and spelling i should have been in bed ages ago!

  Taran 15:34 13 Nov 2003

There isn't an off the peg solution as far as I am aware, which you've probably already guessed, although you could possibly cobble something workable together using many of the sample applications, forums, bulletin boards and whatnot that are available, it would be inelegant and clumsy to say the least.

You're either going to have a horrifically steep PHP learning curve or you will have to go with a professional and pay for the service.

If time is not your enemy and you are the sort who can get a handle on a book you could do worse than look at the following two:

PHP MySQL Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution by Chris Lea, Mike Buzzard, Dilip Thomas & Jessey-White Cinis

PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition by Luke Welling & Laura Thomson

This is the site that the first book teaches you to create, including your own newsfeeds, mass emailer, bulletin board, polls, forums and so on: click here

Failing that, there are loads of PHP/MySQL tutorial guides online. Go to Google and use the following search fields:






"MySQL"+application, and so on....

You need a better than rudimentary understanding of database design and implementation, you have to plan everything out very carefully and write as many reusable modules as possible otherwise you'll be writing more code than enough and wasting time writing the same thing for more than one part of your application becomes a serious waste on any large project.

This is too big a subject to post an entire walkthrough and to be honest, having developed some applications along these lines in the past, the last thing I am about to do is offer it all up for the taking.

By all means post specific questions on problem areas and we will help where we can.



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