Custom computer compatibility question(s)

  kazza123 14:21 19 Aug 2011

I am thinking of building a new computer primarily for gaming, I'm shopping around for parts and know about compatabillity for case - mobo, mobo - processor, heatsink - case, processor/mobo etc etc etc etc but a question is this, what about the PSU and the case? Is there any kind of formfactor for the PSU like ATX etc? Are they all a general size or do they all largely differ? Is there any way to know that everything will fit into the case prior to buying all the parts? Thanks for your help in advance!

  HondaMan 14:46 19 Aug 2011

PSUs are much the same. If in doubt, check with the case manufacturer

  gengiscant 14:52 19 Aug 2011

Unless you are going to be building a mini-itx PC with the smallest form factor then virtually any PSU will be fine, do not Penny pinch your PSU it is one of the most important components.

The biggest compatibility issue you are likely to encounter is RAM, I have been building for some years an can still get problems, but if you get your components from a reputable firm you will have no bother swapping the RAM if you have problems. Most mobo manufacturers have CPU/memory support lists so always good to check.

Don't forget thermal paste,that's caught me out more than once.

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