Custom Built PC (Please Check)

  rhayman 00:51 23 Mar 2003

im currently thinking about buying a custom built pc from anyway i was wondering if someone could check through the specs ive chosen and tell me if there okay (i dont want to end up buying a really crap PC) it only comes to £650 but thats about all i can afford. (the main things im confused about is whether im buying a good motherboard/minitower/grahics card/moniter.

Intel P4 2.4GHz 533MHz System Bus

ATX 300W Midi Tower (AMD/P4)

Asus P4B533 Motherboard

256Mb 333MHz DDR RAM

Hard Drive 1
Maxtor 60GB DiamondMax Plus9

CDRom 1
DVD-ROM Drive 16x Speed

Floppy Drive
1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive

Graphic Card

Novatech PS/2 Keyboard

Novatech 19" (18" Viewable) Monitor 0.26mm Dot Pitch 1600 x 1200 NOV-S

the good moniters but the price up to over £1000 so i chose this one.

  Gaz 25 00:56 23 Mar 2003

If you feel this is the system for you, go ahead!

  Gaz 25 00:56 23 Mar 2003

If you do buy!

  rhayman 00:58 23 Mar 2003

sorry my post went a bit wrong ant its hard to follow so here are the specs again:

PROCESSOR: Intel P4 2.4GHz 533MHz System Bus CASE: ATX 300W Midi Tower (AMD/P4) MOTHERBOARD: Asus P4B533 Motherboard RAM: 256Mb 333MHz DDR RAM HARD DRIVE: 1 Maxtor 60GB DiamondMax Plus9 CDROM: 1 DVD-ROM Drive 16x Speed FLOPPY DRIVE: 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive GRAPHICS CARD: 64MB DDR RADEON 9000 KEYBOARD: Novatech PS/2 Keyboard MONITOR: Novatech 19" (18" Viewable) Monitor 0.26mm Dot Pitch 1600 x 1200 NOV-S

  DieSse 01:01 23 Mar 2003

A personal view - i would try to go to 512Mb RAM - even if this means dropping to a 17" monitor.

  Gaz 25 01:04 23 Mar 2003


Maybe consider going for that, but still if you are not serious then it should be ok for home use.

  rhayman 01:17 23 Mar 2003

thanks for the fast input. im not used to getting replys this fast. thanks for the memory advice but the reason im only getting 256mb is because i already have 128mb in my old pc which brings that up to 384MB.

i was just wonering whats best out of the following motherboards/graphics cards:

Abit BE7R Pentium 4 Motherboard, Asus P4B533 Motherboard, Asus P4PE Socket 478 Motherboard, Microstar 845PE MAX2.


I also want to hold 2 hard drives, 2 usb ports (at least) and wouldent mind a card with tv capture abilites (the 2 cards listed have tv-out, i dont know if that enables capture or not)

  rhayman 01:45 23 Mar 2003

I have just found out that the Asus P4PE is a very doog mootherboard. click here

  Gaz 25 02:01 23 Mar 2003

Difficult one.

Is it a 440 SDR

I have just sold a PC with one of those in and they seem quite good.

Although DDR is faster.

Up to you really.

Good luck!

  Gaz 25 02:02 23 Mar 2003

The mobo supports SD-RAM and DDR Ram in at the same time, or BANG.

  rhayman 02:30 23 Mar 2003

I can only find information about it supporting DDR RAM. is DDR RAM better than SD-RAM??. the
SD-RAM is the memory in my old pc so i wont be able to use that anymore. i might choose a higher memory option.

i have decided to use 64MB DDR RADEON 9000 graphics card.

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