a custom built pc?

  ste_bla 15:02 05 May 2004

due to the fact on this forum a lot of people say its not money wise worth building you own pc can anyone tell me off a good compnay whole would do a complete custom system at a resonable price...

this is what i was thinking of if u wanted 2 know any surgestions b grateful:

GA-8IPE1000Pro2 478/800 ddr400dual 8x Sata Lan O/b sound firewire usb2

p4 2.8ghz 800fsb 1mb cache - prescott
2x512 ddr400 kingston value
S-ATA 2x 80gb 8mb 2yr war. Seagate
gainwood fx5200 128mb
Pioneer 8x DVD writer
16x/50x dvd/cd rom

however what case would be good + psu what size? how do you work out what size ur psu watt whould b?

  GaT7 15:23 05 May 2004

For a very rough idea about how much power you need - click here.

That's a really nice spec - very close to what I would go for if I was getting a new PC. Good luck. I hope the good folks here can direct you in the right direction. G

  keith-236785 15:30 05 May 2004

A couple of points about your proposed system, Ensure that your motherboard will boot from a S-ATA hard drive & the 5200FX you have chosen would spoil an otherwise very powerful setup, the 5200FX is the poor relation in the 5000 series.

on where to buy from

click here (Coventry)


click here (Bradford)


click here (Manchester)


click here (Bedford)

or Buy a copy of Micromart, out tomorrow & every thursday (from some newsagents or ALL WhSmiths). it has lots of adverts from computer suppliers, a few phone calls or online enquiries and you should find someone who will provide what you want.

  GaT7 15:40 05 May 2004

If you don't play the latest games & have no intention of doing so the FX5200 is fine. The Radeon 9200 is slightly better I think. For a comprehensive list of graphics cards (if you need it) - click here.

  keith-236785 17:54 05 May 2004

Crossbow7, good point. i totally agree i just thought that to save a few quid on a bottom of the range graphic card on such a otherwise good build was pointless.

i am not knocking the 5200FX as i am using one myself and have no problems (i dont play top of the range games either).

  GaT7 18:03 05 May 2004

"...to save a few quid on a bottom of the range graphic card on such a otherwise good build was pointless." I agree. I suppose I'm a bit too price conscious & always looking to save people every little bit of their hard-earned cash ; )

Is the Radeon 9200 (or 9200SE) better than the FX5200, you reckon?

  keith-236785 09:24 06 May 2004

not had a Radeon, so can't comment. Reports always seem to say that it is.

I have just upgraded from an Nvidia TNT2 32mb to the FX5200 128mb I also like to watch the pennies, i just wanted a 128mb card to play the demo of Broken Sword 3.

Nvidia FX5200 = £39.89 inc vat
Radeon 9200SE = £29.32 inc vat
Radeon 9600SE = £46.94 inc vat
all 128mb cards

i must do my homework before saying for a few quid more, its a few quid less. Well, £10 less

these prices are from click here, dont forget delivery charges are to add on.

if your friend/client won't be playing high spec games, stick with the Nvidia. otherwise do some research as to which is the best.

good luck

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