Custom build my PC for £700

  Paula Michelle 00:59 31 Mar 2005

I would like to update my computer, virtually replace it, and I have a list of components and prices, which include VAT but not delivery:

Athlon 64 3200 Winchester (90nm) Socket 939 cpu £128.36 from Savastore.

ASUS A8V-E DELUXE 939 PCI-E K8T890 Mobo £96.41 also from Savastore.

Pair of 512MB DDR PC3200 CL=3 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR400 from Crucial @ £36.81 = £72.82

Pair Western Digital SATA 200Gb 8Mb Cache Hard Disk Drives. I've seen these at £70.73 each at LOW which is part of Evesham Technology. =£141.46

Leadtek 6600GT Extreme 128MB DDR3 PCI-E graphics card can be obtained various places around £150

NEC ND2500A DVD RW at approx £42 from many places

Novatech 16x Internal DVD ROM Drive £18.21

Hiper 480 WATT 14db Silent TYPE-R 24Pin PSU or similar for around £60 and a case with silent running options, plus labour and delivery.

The bits come to a little over £700 plus the case, delivery, silent options and labour, etc.
A dealer would get these parts for considerably less.

I need someone to put these parts together, do a good job and make it as quiet as possible delivering me an Athlon 64 3200 PCI Express system with the above spec in a good case.

And for under £800.

I've looked at several places, but theres always some fly in the ointment. The advantage of getting someone else to build it is that hopefully they will guarantee the system as opposed to having guarantees on separate parts.

Any suggestions please?

  Paula Michelle 14:51 31 Mar 2005

Post somewhere else.

In deciding what exactly is wrong with my post I came up with these possibilities:

Didn't understand the question.
Thought it was a joke.
Wrong forum.
Face doesn't fit.
Stick to knitting.

I'll save up some more and get it from the over-expensive Holly Computers.

Case closed.

  Yoda Knight 15:06 31 Mar 2005

What was that all about ????

  cobefn 15:20 31 Mar 2005

Hi Paula
I'm new to this forum. I have just built my first PC also, it wasn't as difficult as it seemed, loading up the SATA drivers was a bit of a faff, but I got there. The price for your memory is excellant, I paid about £56.00 each for Samsung 512 k 3200. I would shop around for the rest of your stuff, are very good as is What ever you do, don't skimp on your Power supply, may I suggest a Tagan NOT Q-TEC. I reckon you could get your price down to about £550 really. I did quite a lot of research before building mine so If I can be any help, please get in touch.

  Rigga 15:25 31 Mar 2005

Yoda.. I think Paula was annoyed no-one had replied in the 14 hours the post has been on the forum.


  cobefn 15:26 31 Mar 2005

Maybe £550 is a bit of a long shot, come to think of it, but you could still bring the cost down a bit more, (don't forget, some sites will not charge delivery if you order over a certain amount.

  Kate B 15:36 31 Mar 2005

I've had a couple of machines built by local guys - one for myself and one for my Mum in Dorset - and the upside is that you do get what you want but it can actually come in a bit more expensive than buying direct from the box-shifters, as the local guys don't have the same purchasing clout as, say, Holly or any other big'un. But worth doing if you want specific things, definitely.

  ton 15:59 31 Mar 2005

Hi Paula, I think there are probably lots of people on here who would be happy to assemble your PC for you, and do a good job.

However, I think that most would be put off by this part of your post - "The advantage of getting someone else to build it is that hopefully they will guarantee the system as opposed to having guarantees on separate parts".

  Yoda Knight 16:11 31 Mar 2005

Why not build it yourself ? Its realy not difficult, and you can learn from it in the process, and have the satisfaction of saying you built it yourself. Theres loads of sites on the web to help, and theres always this forum !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:23 31 Mar 2005

Patience will, be a great help.


  Paula Michelle 22:50 06 Apr 2005

Right on. Patience. I've been waiting to get it built since last November. Someone suggested a small outfit and I thought maybe one of PCAdvisors experts might do it for a price.
I was just a bit miffed that no-one even said owt.

My PC is a love-hate relationship...I love the computer but hate the problems it brings up and the costs it incurs. I cannot build it myself, I haven't the room, the facilities, and I have arthritis. I'm a 62 year old female for chrissakes...maybe I've been falling asleep and missed something but I haven't noticed many middle aged ladies who have the knack for building computers. It would be a disaster and I have no one to fall back on if it wasn't right first time. My other half thinks I might never speak to him if he had a go and if it didn't work right first time. He has no confidence in putting together a modern system yet he has built loads of very old ones. I have never even took a radio apart so why should I suddenly be able to build a computer better than him?

All I know is all the PC firms out there are not selling what I require....except Holly. And boy, are they expensive? And I've not seen a load of great reccomendations for them on this forum.

And why shouldn't I ask for a system to be guaranteed? If a warranty is an obstacle then I'm not interested in the deal.

I will just wait....and wait some more, after all I can easily do without the bloody thing if the mobo finally packs it in before I'm fixed up.
I sometimes wish I was really computer ignorant then I could go out and buy a load of junk from Dixons and be happy with it, like my brother.


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