custers last stand!!! there must be a solution.

  second best 02:51 02 Apr 2003

hello, i have been coming here for nearly a year now. i have formatted my drive nearly 15 times in the last year, and installed 4 different o/s 's in those 15 or so formats, both by me and the shop. i have all the updated drivers etc etc etc. what is wrong with my system? it crashes all the time. this is my latest error log:

the driver detected that the device \device\harddisk0\dr0 has its write chache enabled. data corruprion may occur.

i have since disabled it, but why, if it is a problem, was it selected in the first place?

the comp has recovered from a bug check. the bugcheck was: 0x0000001e (0x000005, 0x0120691, 0x00000000, 0x7e7d7c95), microsoft windows 2000.

i have had a few of those!!

  jazzygm 04:29 02 Apr 2003

When I first installed my shiny new IBM 80GB in to my PII 450 machine, it went bananas! I needed a controller card to run it properly but thats a different matter! The drive kept on becoming corrupt and I kept having to run scandisk, finxing the severe disk errors and then copying files from the old hard drive (which was on its last limb).

I seemed to fix it by disabling the write cache, and I believe the reason was that the system was shutting down far too fast for the hard disk to cope with, so it lost power early. I believe this causes two problems:

1. The heads don't 'park', which I've been told is very bad!

2. The data in the cache is not written to disk, or even better, it is and its just all dumped at once in the same place. Yey. <sarcasm>

I could be wrong but thats the reason for the write cache message.

As for win2k, well, its win2k, get XP Pro and see if that helps, if not you're likely looking at hardware problems (graphics card?)

  second best 04:32 02 Apr 2003

thnx jazzy, ,but i just got rid of xp pro coz it also had some bugs. trouble is, i have formatted my drive 15 times in the last year and installed 4 diff o/s's but i still get loads of errors. therre must be a serious hardware fault.

  MPete 05:56 02 Apr 2003

Try Linux

  Aspman 09:44 02 Apr 2003

Try downloading the disk test software from the drive manufacturer. It should pick up any errors within the hardware. 15 formats and lots of odd error sounds like a dodgy hard drive.

Its not an IBM Deathstar or a Fugitsu is it?

  DieSse 10:01 02 Apr 2003

Just a small point - All modern hard drives have self parking heads. It's just not possible to close down too fast for the heads to park - they park automatically whenever the power goes off.

  second best 12:09 02 Apr 2003

thnx mpete, but i hardly think that using linux would cure the problem. i find it highly unlikely that four of the most popular o/s's on the market can all be at fault, but i could be wrong. aspman, i have a nikimi harddrive. i'll see if they have any software. diesse, wasn't there a file released in windows update to combat the problem of fast shutdowns, causing loss of information. i defiinitly remenber downloading it for min98 se.

  Paranoid Android 13:14 02 Apr 2003

You definitely want write cache enabled from a performance viewpoint, unless you are trying to hot swap drives.

This problem is addressed by a service pack, click here;en-us;281672


  Paranoid Android 13:16 02 Apr 2003

Whoops !

Paste problem. Search for KB article 281672.


  DieSse 14:17 02 Apr 2003

Yes - there was a patch about data loss with fast shutdowns - but that was not the (small) point I was making, which was specifically about head parking.

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