Curving text in word

  paradiddle1984 01:08 05 Jul 2003

i am familiar with the wordart tool to arc my text but i want to be able to ark it even further, how can i do this in word, i used to know but i have forgot

  Djohn 01:25 05 Jul 2003

Change the shape of a freeform or curve.

Select the freeform object or curve you want to change.
On the Drawing toolbar, click Draw, and then click Edit Points.
Do one or more of the following:
To reshape the freeform, drag one of the vertexes that form its outline.
To add a vertex to the freeform, click where you want to add it, and then drag.

To delete a vertex, press CTRL and click the vertex you want to delete.

  paradiddle1984 01:26 05 Jul 2003

its a line of text that i want to curve

  Djohn 01:29 05 Jul 2003

Sorry the above is for line art! Think it needs to be in a Auto shape box as below. j.

Insert text in an AutoShape

Select the AutoShape or text box.
Do one of the following:
To add text for the first time, right-click any shape ? except a line or freeform ? click Add Text on the shortcut menu, and then type the text.
To add text to existing text, right-click any shape ? except a line or freeform ? click Edit Text on the shortcut menu, and then type the text.

  paradiddle1984 01:34 05 Jul 2003

no , that didnt work

  Djohn 01:39 05 Jul 2003

Sorry Paul, I'm trying out the variations myself as i try to find an answer for you! :o(

  paradiddle1984 01:42 05 Jul 2003

alls it is, my band are playing soon, and we want to advertise the gig on some posters using the jack daniels label, with our band name where it would normally say jack daniels, and the writng is curved but using wordart i dont get enough curvature

  Djohn 01:45 05 Jul 2003

"Try Word Art" and type your text, then click on text to bring up the small floating tool-bar, choose, "Word Art Shape" (Small abc Icon), you can then play about with the text from there. j.

  Djohn 01:50 05 Jul 2003

Should have added, once you have the curve similar to what you want, by using the abc Icon, you can drag the shape/size of the text to almost anything you wish. j.

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