Cursor and monitor colour

  [DELETED] 13:01 09 Oct 2003

My Cursor will not:
1. Drag and drop - when I click on an application in desktop and try and drag to a folder the application opens instantly;
2. Highlight - especially a complete table;
3. Adjust width of columns in a table.

Monitor colour has a bluish/green tint and does not show proper colours.

Can anyone help to rectify the above.

With Thanks.

D. Lloyd Rees

  graham√ 15:05 09 Oct 2003

OK, one at a time.

We need to know

Your operating system, XP, for example.

What mouse are you using.

What application are you trying to drag.

Highlights and columns, in Excel or similar?

First impression is that the left mouse button is set to double-click.

  [DELETED] 15:05 09 Oct 2003

Have you got your mouse set so that a single-click opens an item? In control panel / mouse / buttons you can select whether a double-click or single-click opens a file -- if its set to single click it might open the file before you can drag it.

  graham√ 16:25 09 Oct 2003

In XP, you will find stlucia's options in Control Panel, Folder Options.

  graham√ 17:41 09 Oct 2003

I shall have to go out on November 27th, if you come back then, please leave a message.

  [DELETED] 17:53 09 Oct 2003

Your monitor may be missing a colour, do you get any reds, oranges, yellows or violets? If not, it may be the connection is loose where the monitor plugs into the video card, it could be a broken pin in the connector. Another possibility is that someone has been playing around with the monitor controls or (Less likely.) the colour settings in display properties.

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