Cursor with life of its own!

  TimCDC 15:51 26 Feb 2004

My new laptop (running XP pro) has an annoying habit where the cursor apparently clicks on a selection on the screen (independent of my action) and then maintains that selection. The effect is that when I next go to move the mouse, it either selects a whole swathe of text, or moves an item from one place to another. The laptop has a stick and also a trackpad, but I am 100% sure I am not accidentally selecting on the trackpad or stick without realising it....

Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:34 26 Feb 2004

Its a "feature" of many track pads nowadays - you can use it as a mouse button by tapping on it. Thus when you tap on the desktop, it thinks that you are doing a mouse click.

It takes a while to get used to it but is quite handy.

  Satmansq 18:55 26 Feb 2004

If this function becomes too annoying you can go into the control panel and open the mouse properties to turn this option off.

Good luck whatever you decide to do

  TimCDC 19:31 26 Feb 2004

Thanks for these thoughts...but I have turned off the track pad because I thought that it might somehow be me brushing over it. Are there any other possible reasons? I wondered if my mouse/stick driver has been somehow corrupted, but it seems unlikely that this has happened, as it was happening right from first switch on. Similarly, it seems unlikely to be any virus for the same reason?

  TimCDC 19:32 26 Feb 2004

Actually, what I meant to say in the last message was that I had turned it off already (before receiving these last two notes) and the problem still remains....

  TimCDC 17:37 01 Mar 2004

The problem is beginning to really annoy. I have updated the operating system using Windows update (not that I thought that would make much difference) and checked to see whether or not there are is a new driver...which there isn't. I have also turned up the double click speed in case it was accidentally selecting when I didn't mean to. I've deselected the touch pad, and deselected the draglock settings....anything else I could do?

What does surprise me, is that when I go into device manager, it only shows a driver for the Alps touch pad, which it says is working properly - I thought perhaps it woudl have another driver for the stick?

The problem seems to happen when the stick is ignored for a while....when I next move it, it acts as if it had just left clicked and remained selected so that when I move the stick it either draws rectangles on my desktop, or moves text around if I was in a text editor.

  Curio 19:38 01 Mar 2004

Bit of a long shot, but are the contacts clean? A minute crumb or bit of dross may be causing havoc as it can do on older type rodents. Borrow a compressed air can and see if a good blast does any good.

  TimCDC 19:59 01 Mar 2004

I will have a go at that....long shots are about all I can think of at the moment! I have just installed the original driver on top of itself...can't see how this would solve it, as the problem was evident right from first switch on, so I figure its unlikely the original driver was corrupted. Still, I live in hope!

  TimCDC 20:02 01 Mar 2004

Even with the re-installed driver, the problem still occurs!

  [email protected]@m 20:08 01 Mar 2004

Do a search for 'Crazy Mouse' on your PC.

  TimCDC 20:13 01 Mar 2004

It is kind of as if someone had planted something, but it can't be that, as it is only me who has had access since it was bought..

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