Cursor jumping around again...on new lapop!

  hawthorn59 02:45 22 Jun 2010

Hi folks

i had this frustrating problem quite a while back, on the last 2 laptops I had. In my naivity I thought it would disappear on my new shiny HP with Windows 7. No chance! Its as bad if not worse!

Basically when Im typing in forums etc or even writing emails, the cursor seems to have a mind of its own, and jumps randomly to the middle of another line of text, or even off the screen altogether. This happens quite often, but there is no pattern to it. I think it happens in Word too, but actually Im not certain.

Quite a lot of people appear to have this problem. My touchpad is turned on; and no, Im not brushing of it accidentally! I remember before, if I turned it off it seemed to go away (the problem that is!).

Surely with the advances in technology, there must be a simple solution to this...... :-(



  HWJC 02:54 22 Jun 2010

I get this on my Acer. It drives me crackers. My missus's HP laptop is better but not ideal. I think the cursor goes to where the mouse-pointer is positioned, but there's no contact with the mouse to cause it. I'm interested in the solution too.

Personally I think all laptops are virtually unusable compared to any desktop. I hate them all with a passion.

  birdface 06:40 22 Jun 2010

Googled maybe worth a look.

click here

  peugeot man 07:37 22 Jun 2010

Same problem with my Eee netbook. I thought it was me inadvertantly touching the touchpad whilst typing.

I hope someone has a cure, it will make life easier.

  anniesboy 07:48 22 Jun 2010

I get if I dont switch the touchpad off

  MAT ALAN 07:58 22 Jun 2010

Believe it or not it seems to be a common problem
administered by yourselves, namely your thumbs just brushing the touchpad as you type.
It may not be the cause in your case but turning down the sensativity of your touchpad may help...

  fishmad pete 08:02 22 Jun 2010

I believe the fault lies with the touch pad sensitivity. I had a similar problems until I realised that I was accidently brushing the touch pad with my thumbs. I then started to rest my thumbs on the space bar (touch typing?) and the fault all but cleared. The fact that switching off the the touch pad must lead to the conclusion that either the pad is defective or something or someone is causing the pad to activate.
Try placing a stiff piece of card over the pad, so that you can't accidently activate the pad, for a while and see if the pointer shifts. If the curser doesn't move then I am sorry to say you must be brushing the pad inadvertantly.

  Taff™ 08:49 22 Jun 2010

For what it`s worth I believe the problem is static electricity. I too have the same problem and you don`t actually have to touch the pad to get what you describe. If I avoid clothing that generates ESD (Electro Static Discharge) particularly on sleeves, and resting the laptop on soft furnishings (Which is a no, no anyway the problem is eased considerably. Having the laptop plugged into the mains also grounds it - on battery only it seems to occur more often.

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