MOMBASA 15:55 21 Nov 2003

When I am typing or doing something like closing down the cursor starts moving backwards and the only thing that stops it is pressing a key or the space bar.

What is causing this - the keyboard or what. Grateful for any help.

  3Toed 16:04 21 Nov 2003

Not sure,but check these possibilities-
1.If you have a mouse with a 'roller ball'underneath,check there is no fluff on the contact bar,on the undersided of the mouse, rotate housing and release ball,use a any small implement(say a cocktail stick)to scrape off the excess fluff on the two bars inside,and replace ball and housing.
2.Have you a graphics tablet that the pen has fallen off onto the pad-this causes this type of sympton to,or the extra mouse on or too near the pad.

  MOMBASA 03:52 22 Nov 2003

I am using an optical mouse. It happens on two machines when I use the same keyboard.

  doug vem 07:52 22 Nov 2003

What sort of surface are you using your optical mouse on? I had ha similar prob. The mouse didn't like the grain in the wood of my desk. I now use it on a sheet of paper. This is also used for notes and is then chucked when it gets dirty.

  ribo 10:13 22 Nov 2003

I do not know if this relevant because I do not know if an optical mouse has a battery. But I had a similar problem where the cursor kept drifting accross the screen. I found that a new battery cured this. J

  [email protected]@m 10:17 22 Nov 2003

Do a search for'Crazy Mouse'.

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