Cursor freezing when watching videos online

  Orion101 00:19 10 Mar 2013

Hello everyone!

I am an imbecile when it comes to anything to do with computers, and I apologise if someone has already posted something about this issue before, but if you could help me, I'd be eternally grateful!

My cursor freezes every time I watch a video online for more than 7-8 minutes! And it stays frozen regardless of what I do, so I have to turn my laptop on and off. I have tried practically everything I can think of; Re-install drivers, delete and re-install flash, delete and re-install Synoptics drivers, bought a mouse instead of using touch pad, scanned and cleaned my computer with AVG, used Registry Easy... Nothing has worked. I've ticked off Chrome's (the browser I primarily use, but the problem appears in Safari as well) built-in Flash plug in... Nothing works. This happens regardless of whether I am watching on full screen or not. After about 7-8 minutes, sometimes longer, there's a PING sound but no information about the issue. I can still left- and right click, but I can't move the cursor...

I have a Compaq 615 (about 4 years old) with Windows 7 32 mbit... Not sure what specification you would need if you think you can help... Model: CPO615UO (or possibly Q) L - 66Q5X180MBBNCN22Xa

Please help! And sorry for being such a noob!

  difarn 07:11 10 Mar 2013

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the power options? Go to Power Options in Control panels and see what settings you have - if on Power Saving change it.

  mentok1 07:13 10 Mar 2013
  difarn 10:22 10 Mar 2013

I came across this piece of advice about usb suspend mode:-

Control Panel, Power Options, on whichever plan you have enabled select "change plan settings" accordingly. Select "change advanced power settings" expand USB settings by clicking on the + sign Expand the usb selective suspend setting by clicking on the + sign select "disable" on both on battery and plugged in modes Click on Apply

  Orion101 12:13 10 Mar 2013

Thank you all very much, will test all your suggestions and let you know of the outcome! I'm deeply grateful!

  Orion101 15:49 10 Mar 2013

Guys, thank you very much for the suggestions but I'm afraid they didn't help... I'm really grateful for the advice, if you or anyone else can think of anything, please let me know! I'm desperate!

  caccy 16:04 10 Mar 2013

1)Is it overheating?
2)Check you Toshiba help to find out what the "Ping" signifies.

  caccy 16:05 10 Mar 2013

For Toshiba read Compaq.

  Orion101 16:06 10 Mar 2013

@Caccy -

No, it's not overheating. And I have Compaq HP, not toshiba. The ping sound is the same sound whenever anything goes crashes in Windows.

  caccy 22:09 10 Mar 2013

Have you checked "Task Manager" to see what other applications are running and stopping all except your browser?

  Orion101 23:19 10 Mar 2013

No, I'll give it a try. Thank you @caccy! As I said, I'm an imbecile when it comes to computers! Sorry!

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