cursor freeze on power up

  happy dragon 12:00 04 Nov 2004

hi all
running windows xp pro ,athlon 2100cpu,when i power up pc once windows loads on to login screen the mouse cursor stops responding and freezes , i cant enter my name or do anything i have to press reset button on tower to atempt login again this sometimes lets me on no probs 1st time of trying and everything is fine sometimes i will have to reset twice to three times before i get to log on pc this happens every 12 times or so and not ever time i power up. i also use adware,spybot ,sygate ,norton antivirus and a2 thanx

  hugh-265156 12:26 04 Nov 2004

this has happened to me about three or four times over this past six months or so with xp home. exactly the same thing happens, it loads as far as the welcome screen and then the mouse and keyboard doesnt work. reset and then it boots up ok.

i only have avg and ZA loading at start up. strange one indeed.

  Graham ® 12:29 04 Nov 2004

Any clues in the Event Viewer?

  happy dragon 12:35 04 Nov 2004

event viewer not sure what this is or how to access it ?

  hugh-265156 12:46 04 Nov 2004

click 'start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer' then click the 'system' and 'application' tabs and look for errors with a red x or warnings with a yellow triangle, click them for more info.

ps. when this problem happened to me i found no errors or warnings in event viewer just the usual 'failure audit' under the 'security' tab that shows up here if you dont log in. everything else was info.

  happy dragon 12:58 04 Nov 2004

hi huggyg71 there is quite a few yellow triangles all reading the same waring message userenv category none event 1517 system home nhy

  happy dragon 13:04 04 Nov 2004

hi huggyg71 there is at even more least 50 when i click on to system in the event viewer all saying the same in source disk in catergory none event user n/a home nhy thanx

  hugh-265156 13:06 04 Nov 2004

is it this one?

'windows saved user <DomainName\UserName> registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. the memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. this is caused by services running as a user account. try configuring the services to run in the local system account.'

this event will occur if a program or service has the registry open during log off.

i would ignore this error. if you click it MS tells you 'no user action required'

  happy dragon 13:09 04 Nov 2004

you might be right wife has started using my p/c for ebay i always tell to shut down all applications then to log off then shut down pc does she listen no hehe cheers

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