Cursor creeping

  Kate B 16:24 07 Apr 2005

The cursor on my screen has developed an odd but noticeable creep leftwards if I leave the mouse uunattended. It's a bog-standard optical mouse on a bog-standard mouse mat. My other half says the same thing happens with his - does anyone have any thoughts on why this happens? It's not the end of theh world but it's a bit annoying in games when you're trying to slaughter that last orc and mouse precision is necessary ...

  pauldonovan 16:41 07 Apr 2005


  Kate B 16:45 07 Apr 2005

ha ha, though it is slightly off the true, according to the architect ...

seriously, anyone got any thoughts on this? It's very annoying.

  Starfox 16:49 07 Apr 2005

Have you cleaned it? Mine does this if it gets bits of fluff round the laser eye.

  pauldonovan 16:50 07 Apr 2005

...Kate, Google is your friend...

click here

  jbp1982 16:51 07 Apr 2005

have you tried reinstalling drivers?

Take the matt away?

try another mouse?

Use a spirit level to see if the desk is level?

  Kate B 16:56 07 Apr 2005

Just tried a good rub of the red light and that does help a bit! Interesting, though, that it's an SP2 issue (the link didn't seem to work, pauldonovan, I'll Google it myself later).

Thanks all - wonder if a laser mouse would fix it?

  Kate B 16:57 07 Apr 2005

oh, just seen your post, jbp1982 - thanks for the suggestions. I've tried it with a couple of mice and they both do it so I doubt it's the drivers. I can't take the mat away - my desk is glass and they don't work on glass. I wouldn't swear to the floor being level but this room was added on to my flat only a few years ago so it *ought* to be level. Otherwise I'll be having a word with the builder ...

  jbp1982 17:11 07 Apr 2005

If the mouse is PS/2 then change it to usb or vice versa? If you can't do without a matt then try changing it too, lol.

Don't know about a laser one helping your problem, but they are supposed to be better at tracking movement and much more accurate.

  pauldonovan 17:25 07 Apr 2005 for me and suggests a number of things including:

Try turning off 'pointer precision' in the control pannel (under Control Panel - Mouse - Pointer Options )

  Charence 17:33 07 Apr 2005


The problem seems to go away if I touch the mouse, before I assumed it was because my mouse mat has different colours because the problem only occurs on my computer which has a colourful Dell mousemat. The problem doesn't occur on other computers in my house which have SP2 and a plain mousemat.

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