current views on omega verus ati drivers

  pookie 13:20 30 Jun 2005


i can't see a recent thread on this and noticed that latest omega drivers are out (omega drivers are meant to be drivers that improve graphics and gaming fps performance and many use them over ati drivers).

anyone done any benchmarks?

any comments?



  gudgulf 13:58 30 Jun 2005

I have used Omega drivers for my ATI cards for the last couple of years and much prefer them to the original ATI editions.

I usually find noticabley improved graphics quality (a bit like adding a degree of anisotropic filtration) and a good stable performance.They are also much easier to install being designed to go straight over the top of the existing set.However these drivers seldom benchmark as well as the "official" sets...remember that performance over the standard benchmarks is vital to both ATI and nVidia so both will try to squeeze the last drop of performance from their(latest) cards on these tests.I generally find games run smoother on Omega drivers and a number of compatibility issues get addressed.They also work well with older graphics cards and laptops.All the differences are not large though and many of my friends are not convinced by my ravings about the quality of Omega over ATI , preferring to stick with the digitally signed official issue from ATI.

  pookie 14:18 30 Jun 2005

many thanks for the reply


  pookie 12:58 06 Jul 2005

just as an update i installed omega and wdm driver last night - future mark benchmarks are same as ati drivers but doom3/ut 2004 and far cry are all running smoother at higher grpahic settings


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