Current Recommended Internet Protection Suiites

  Martin Steer 16:28 24 Apr 2018

Hi, I'm just about to sack my Kaspersky due to the fact that I object to their aggressive subscription renewal stratergy. What other internet protection suites are recomended (I'm currently looking towards BitDefender) ?

Thanks in advance Martin

  alanrwood 16:32 24 Apr 2018

I have used Eset Internet Security for around 10 years on 10 machines and never had an infection yet. I tried Bitdefender some years ago and had some problems but can't remember what they were so probably not relevant now.

  Gordon Freeman 17:05 24 Apr 2018

I use windows defender [win 10] & also free version of MBAM. That's it. Did use Avast, but got sick of all the pop-ups/marketing/pestering tripe, so it had to go I'm afraid.

  wee eddie 18:05 24 Apr 2018

Kaspersky is not alone. Their practice is, more or less, standard

  Menzie 18:38 24 Apr 2018

Many of them will pester you in some way.

I had a Pro version to an antivirus suite and yet every so often offers would pop up for the Platinum edition which had features I didn't need.

  wiganken2 18:58 24 Apr 2018

For some while now Kaspersky and Norton Security have been topping the tables for protection. I tried Kaspersky but found it intrusive so switched to NS and I have never looked back. It does not pester you with pop-ups unless it really needs to. It works silently in the background. Just ensure you opt out of the automatic renewal bit. Each year they will offer you a renewal but they do not push it. I find it cheaper to buy a new license key each year and enter the new key and that's it for another year. Argos charge £19 for 1 device and PC World charge £20 for same product. click here and click here

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