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Current draw of SSD drive in external caddy

  chub_tor 19:53 27 Apr 2016

Can anyone tell me how much current is used by a SSD drive mounted in an external USB caddy? I am wondering if I can connect it to the USB input of a Humax HDR-1100S box.

I have tried to get the answer from Humax and from the Hummy support Forum with no success.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 27 Apr 2016

SSDs use 2 to 4 watts as opposed to 6 -7 watts used by a portable HDD (wich works fine in my Humax Fox T2 front or rear USB ports)

Therefor a SSD in a caddy should work fine.

  chub_tor 20:24 28 Apr 2016

Thanks FruitBat, I have been going round and round that on the Hummy Forum but after lots of discussion I have decided that it is easier to use a 128Gb USB3 pen drive which requires no power from the USB port. The new Humax HDR-1100S does accept these drives in NTFS format so I have transferred some old recordings that my other half wants saved to the USB drive and will forget about using an SSD.

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