Is This The Currect Ram

  Conaire 10:39 31 May 2003

I'll be going out today to PC World to buy some RAM for my computer. I'm looking for 256 mb of RAM, and after a little seacrh i found this, which tell's me the type of ram i need.

click here

I then went to the PC website and checked if they had the RAM i needed.

click here=

I don't wanna go out and buy RAM for my computer which wont work, so can someone please confirm that this is the correct RAM i need.

Big Thanks In Regards

  goonerbill 10:54 31 May 2003

looks as if ya got the right mem, but ya will get it cheaper from ya local pc fair for about 20-25% less than pc world.

  graham√ 11:07 31 May 2003

Good idea, but then you can't take it back if it's faulty/incompatible. Someone remarked recently that these items were often handled out of anti-static bags, thereby shortening their life.

  Conaire 11:20 31 May 2003

thanks for the help for both of you, im gonna buy it from PC World just incase there is something wrong with it.

  Conaire 23:17 31 May 2003

I went and got 128 mb of ram since PC World didnt have the correct 256 mb i needed. Ouch it didnt half hurt putting ram in , my finger's are pritty much dead, it's probally my compaq presario.

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