Curious email advice at XP log in

  musicbassman 20:42 05 Mar 2005

Hello folks

When I start/ wake my computer, at the log in screen I get the usual display message showing my user name and then ‘You have 32 unread emails’ (or some other number of emails, usually between 10 and 40)

Funny thing is, I certainly don’t have that many unread emails. This is a family computer, and we just use individual Hotmail accounts for each member of the family. I access my Hotmail 3-4 times a day, from my home or my work computer. The most emails I’m likely to get is 4 or 5 at a time.

We don’t use passwords to access the computer, and we never use Outlook Express. So where are these unread emails? And what email address are they being sent to? I have never set up any other email addresses on this computer, and neither has any other family member.

  grey george 20:51 05 Mar 2005

Are there any emails in the deleted folder or other folders? If they have been move there without opening they will show as unread. A spam folder maybe.

(Is it me or is the forum clock about 10 minutes fast.)

  VoG II 20:56 05 Mar 2005
  musicbassman 21:13 05 Mar 2005

No, grey george, nothing on that one.

Thanks for the link,VoG™,I'm not too bothered about disabling this, just curious as to the source of the information.

  musicbassman 07:19 06 Mar 2005


  Enoch 09:13 06 Mar 2005

I am guessing that you are using Outlook Express.If so, you probably will find those emails sitting in Microsft Outlook. I had the same problem and this was the answer

  Completealias 13:18 06 Mar 2005

I have noticed that if you log into a hotmail account and for some reason don't open any mail then it is showed as an unread email message underneath your user name. If you click on that message then it tells you which account it is talking about. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem to work 2 well and even when you have no unread emails it still thinks you have. Another quirk of windows no doubt. It does disappear eventually

  musicbassman 22:45 06 Mar 2005

Thanks Completealias - you are quite correct, and this is what this is. Puzzle solved. Can't ubderstand the point of putting unread hotmail details there in any case - it's only going to be historical, as it won't be updated until you log in !

Doubtless it's "Enhancing my user experience" - as Microsoft would say.

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