cumputer won't start

  Flabbyfran 20:58 30 Nov 2004

My sister has a Tiny running Win 98 pentium 3. When she tries to start up it recognises the micro processer"CPU 450mhz", then the memory"65536k ok", then the hard drives, then it say's "memory test fail" press f1 continue, Del enter set up. If you continue you get Win 98 screen and then "Windows protection error you need to restart you computer" and that is as far as she gets, any ideas?

  QuickHare 21:04 30 Nov 2004

Memory's broken down or become unseated. If in warranty, take it back for a quick repair. If out of warranty, then you'll have to open the computer, and push down on the small circuit board near the processor. Make sure it's pushed in firmly.

If this doesn't help, you'll need to buy new memory. Crucial ( click here ) can help you find information about the memory you'll need to replace it with.

  QuickHare 21:06 30 Nov 2004

Oh, and I forgot to say that whatever happens, all your settings and files and Windows are all safe, so you haven't lost anything.

  Flabbyfran 21:15 30 Nov 2004

Cheers will check that out for her tomorrow myself as it is a long time out of warranty thankyou Quickhare

  Flabbyfran 19:10 01 Dec 2004

went to my sisters today checked the memory board made sure it was secure and started the computer same problem memory test fail this time though the computer tried to start in safe mode and then this error
"HIMEM is testing extended memory done
windows XMS driver version 3.95
extended memory specificatio (XMS) version 3
copyright 1988-1995 microsoft corp
ERROR: HIMEM.SYS has detected unreliable xms memory at address 00A60002 xms driver not installed
to continue starting your computer press enter
HIMEM>SYS is missing"

windows the tried to start up then went

"While utilizing device MSMNI:
windows protection error. You need to restart your computer"

when i tried to restart i got the original start up problem as stated at the top of this tread .
any ideas?

  jack 19:36 01 Dec 2004

After all that looks like you do need 'Crucial'
New memory stick required

  Flabbyfran 19:43 01 Dec 2004

just a memory stick problem you reckon no probs i'll try that next

  Flabbyfran 16:16 15 Dec 2004

I acquired said memory and put it in and the computer works again and my sister thinks i'm a hero.
thank you

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