CTX TFT monitors - no dead pixels?

  Totally-braindead 15:18 06 Dec 2004

I believe that CTX are the only manufacturer that make certain monitors that guarantee no dead pixels. Can anyone confirm that this is correct and tell me which monitors if any have this guarantee. I've looked through their website but can't find any monitors which specifically mention this. Anyone any info for me?

  Cook2 16:25 06 Dec 2004

If you want to be 100% sure there are no dead pixels, pop into PCWorld, check one that's on display, there will be no dead pixels, and tell them you want to buy THAT one. When they tell you it's a display model, ask for a discount.

  Grantrh 16:42 06 Dec 2004

I have read this in the pages of PC Advisor so I imagine it is true - why don't you ring / email CTX and ask them about it?

  spuds 17:56 06 Dec 2004
  Totally-braindead 18:42 06 Dec 2004

Good advice I'll try contacting CTX and maybe nip into PCW.

  Lasse 19:46 06 Dec 2004

Sony have a no pixel file policy

  Lasse 19:48 06 Dec 2004

Sorry I will try again. Sony have a no dead pixel policy

  Jeffers22 19:49 06 Dec 2004

Their website has full details. I would have thought that would be the first place anyone with a net connection would try.

  Totally-braindead 19:56 06 Dec 2004

Jeffers22 whose website has full details? Do you mean CTX? I looked and couldn't find info on any "no dead pixels" monitors, the only thing I could find was info on class 2 ISO which allows a certain number of dead pixels. This is the reason I decided to ask on the Forum.

  Jeffers22 20:03 06 Dec 2004

Yes it is the CTX site. The no dead pixel guarantee does not apply to every tft they sell, but the ones that have it mention the guarantee. Or at least that was the case when I was looking to buy my tfts a few months back. I ended up with an LG1710B (for DVI) and an AOC LM720 (cheap) for the second machine. Cannot speak highly enough of both of them - and no dead pixels. Also just bought a 32 inch Panasonic LCD TV - no dead pixels there either, and what a drop dead gorgeous TV it is.

  Jeffers22 20:05 06 Dec 2004

One of them was a 17 inch, cannot remember the model no. In the end I decided not to worry about it and have come out all right.

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