ctrl-alt-del doesnt work no more!

  Phatjayunoi 01:35 13 Feb 2003

hi all! for a couple days now the ctrl-alt-del keyboard command doesnt seem to work no more! my keyboard is working fine cause any other keyboard command still works except just that! have i done something to disable it or something cause i dont remember doing anything! it just stopped working! any ideas anyone?

  Djohn 02:08 13 Feb 2003

Have you tried the Ctrl. key on the right hand side of your keyboard!

  Pilch.... 11:37 13 Feb 2003

is it that your keyboard is old? Because you have an old Packard bell keyboard if i remember......

  Stuartli 11:42 13 Feb 2003

It sounds as if one of the Control/Alt?Delete buttons has given up the ghost - it's quite common over time because of the sheer usage.

New keyboards are cheap these days; Morgan Computers sold a pack of 10 last year for £10, plus VAT, which worked out at £1.18 pence each...:-)

Even a wireless keyboard and mouse can be bought for £20. I got the Typhoon version (can also be acquired under the Trust brand name) for this pice at Lidl about six months ago. Both work well.

  Pilch.... 12:02 13 Feb 2003

i kept looking out for those at my lidl, could i find then, could i heck!

  Phatjayunoi 18:28 13 Feb 2003

like i said before, every other command works except just that! both ctrl keys on my keyboard work! even doing something like ctrl-esc works! the alt and del keys still work since i use alt tab command alot and obviously i would use the del key alot since i type and thats working! like i said before and ill say it again, every other command works! maybe i wasnt clear and so ill say it proper, every other common keyboard command invloving these keys still work! its just ctrl alt del that doesnt work! my keyboard may be old but it is still working fully and every and i mean EVERY single button on it works! ctrl alt del used to work for me last week but it just stopped a couple days ago! according to pilch via. msn messenger, he says that maybe the character mapping isnt working no more so could that be the case?

  jazzypop 18:43 13 Feb 2003

There are a number of possible reasons.

What version of Windows are you running?

Does anything happen at all when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del? Any error message, or does the system hang?

Some poorly-written video drivers can cause this effect. If you have updated your graphics card drivers lately, try reverting to the previous version.

You could also see if this helps - click here

  Stuartli 18:48 13 Feb 2003

Try Staples, Eclipse-Computers and similar outlets - Lidl only had them in for a week or so as it was a special offer.

  rickf 18:51 13 Feb 2003

The same haappened to me but after defragmenting, it worked again. Hope it works for you.

  matt5705 18:52 13 Feb 2003

not to worry there are other comands such as these

alt f4: closes aplication
ctrl alt esc: sometimes closes aplications
or wat could be causing it that i had a old computer i found that windows 95 and 98 were failling such as comands start up but upgrading to xp sorted it.

  Phatjayunoi 18:54 13 Feb 2003

well i am using Windows XP Pro as my operating system! when i press ctrl alt del is just doesnt do anything lol! and i doubt its my video drivers since i use the last time i updated it was like sometime last year i.e. im using the nvidia detonator drivers since i have a gf2mx. so basically thats not the case since this whole thing just started a couple days ago!

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