CSS - and now for something completely different..

  Taran 16:46 21 Nov 2003

For those wondering about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and just what you can do with it beyond the simple start we normally make in setting web page fonts, backgrounds and scrollbars:

click here



  slowhand_1000 17:13 21 Nov 2003

reading my mind Taran. I have been thinking about posting a question asking about CSS - the benefits, pitfalls etc.

I have only put 3 sites (my own and 2 for friends) on the net and another friend has asked me to put a site together for his business. I was considering CSS but wondered, with my limited knowledge, if it was worth going down that route.

I shall go and peruse said link.

  Patr100 18:59 21 Nov 2003

Well not only do none of the Windows work but the door won't open either! The local Council won't allow that building to remain as they didn't approve the source code, even though my neighbour put up a Javascript conservatory (just to show off) without permission.

Cascading Style Sheets? Didn't they used to sell them from Brentford Nylons, many years ago?

  Taran 19:19 21 Nov 2003

Brentford Nylons ?

Now you're showing your age.

Not that I've ever heard of them of course.



  PurplePenny 20:24 21 Nov 2003

It's a Microsoft house then :-)

Penny (who denies all knowledge of Brentford Nylons)

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:54 21 Nov 2003

add a frontpage extension on the back!

  Taran 09:18 22 Nov 2003

I'll tick this as resolved before the gags get any worse...


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