CSS Naked Day

  PurplePenny 11:24 04 Apr 2006

Is anyone going naked for CSS Naked Day tomorrow (5th April)?
click here

The idea is to promote Web Standards by showing he world how your site looks without any styling. If it has been written to standards with good structure and heirachy and semantic mark-up it shoud degrade well without style.

Dustin Diaz (the originator of the idea) does advise that it probably isn't suitable for an e-commerce site to take part (though some are) so it is mainly personal pages and blogs that will be "showing their white bits".


  spuds 22:04 04 Apr 2006

Isn't there a fixed £80.00 on the spot fine for going naked nowadays!

  Forum Editor 00:17 05 Apr 2006

a dozen or so tempting responses,let me just say that unfortunately I'm of the same ilk as fourm member where this is concerned.


Privately naked of north London.

  beynac 11:26 05 Apr 2006

My website is just there for me to play with coding and to try things out, so no point in me joining in - nobody else ever visits my site except for family when I have some new photos to show. However, this post prompted me to have a look at myself "naked". Hmm... Not too bad, a bit untidy in parts, but I think that I am degrading gracefully albeit "without style".

Seriously, I thought this was a useful exercise. I check my code with W3C and take pride in getting things correct, but I hadn't thought of viewing the site without stylesheets - quite a few useful lessons learnt !!

  PurplePenny 12:01 05 Apr 2006

If you use Opera you can turn the stylesheets off quite easily (View> Style> User mode), in fact Opera has quite a few facilities (like buttons to toggle JavaScript, Java and images on and off) that help you to check your site.

Better yet, if you use Firefox you can download the Web Developer extension by Chris Pederick click here which gives you a toolbar from which you can disable styles, turn images off, validate your HTML and CSS, resize your window to emulate a different resolution, run a WAI or Section 508 check, view source, outline headings... and more!

John: it's nice and sunny down here :-) But like you and FE the sites under my control (here at work) don't belong to me so I can't inflict nakedness on them. (And my own site is e-commerce so probably not a good idea for it to go styleless.)

FE: What? No long blond hair and horned helmet? (For anyone that missed that very long thread last year... it involved FE and The Ride of the Valkyrie and I've never quite got the image out of my head.)

  PurplePenny 12:08 05 Apr 2006

Another useful Firefox extension which uses HTML Tidy to validate a page locally, on-screen:
click here

  Forum Editor 19:34 05 Apr 2006

Oh yes.

The Ride of the Valkyrie - now you're talking! Bring on my Black stallion, the one with the flashing eyes and rippling muscles. Hand me my singing sword of burnished bronze, and my golden armour. Call up those lowering storm clouds, head me into the wind, crank up the volume and turn me loose.

Something wicked this way comes.

  powerless 23:05 05 Apr 2006

Just the one day?

  PurplePenny 23:20 05 Apr 2006

Yes, but it does last 48 hours (from the beginning of the 5th on one side of the dateline to the end of the 5th on the other side).

  PurplePenny 14:13 06 Apr 2006

But I did see a very strange discussion there that involved people standing on other people's shoulders or heads in rooms with movable ceilings!

(It was, I think, an analogy for how a box expands to fir content.)

  PurplePenny 14:22 06 Apr 2006

Hmm... so boxes only expand to fir content... better not put any deciduous content online then!

It should,of course, have read "to FIT content"

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