CSS and Internet Explorer

  beynac 16:12 04 Apr 2006

I've been messing about with CSS to get a webpage to scroll under the menu (as if it used frames). I could get it to work in Firefox but it needed a bit of tweaking for IE. I had saved a copy of the page, without the php code, and then put in html comments to show where the three php page elements started. I was using a copy of this to try different solutions. Once I had solved the problem, I copied the html code back into the original page. Everything looked the same but it didn't scroll in IE !!!

The only difference was the html comments. I found that the problem was that I had put a comment as the first line on the page:

!-- header.php -->
!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C/ ....etc.>

Once I had moved this below the !DOCTYPE .. tag, everything worked. OK - problem solved - but does anyone have any idea why the comment tag should interfere with some elements of the stylesheet and not others?

  beynac 22:16 04 Apr 2006

but a good one! I deleted the DTD and the comment: - no scrolling in IE. It obviously needs the DOCTYPE tag to interpret the stylesheet fully.

Thanks, I will be able to sleep tonight now!

You're also right about web design driving you mad. As an afterthought, I tried Opera and had to make another adjustment!

  PurplePenny 23:34 04 Apr 2006

The DTD determines whether IE operates in Quirks Mode or Standards Mode so it does indeed make a difference to the way that IE interprets both CSS and HTML.

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