CSS - desingn from scratch or add to old site?

  Lord Isleworth 16:21 22 Mar 2006

I have inherited a big site that uses very little Cascading Style Sheets. I use mainly frontpage 2003 and am wondering if it is easier to design again from scratch, or implement css into existing sites? any thoughts/links would be most helpful.

  JWJ 16:40 22 Mar 2006

IMO it depends what you mean by big and also on how much you like the existing design. I have converted my 40page site from no css to external style sheets quite succesfully, and using Frontpage 2003. Was it easier than starting from scratch? I think so, but only because I didn't want to change my design and I wanted to convert one page at a time keeping the whole site live at all times. Had I been up for a design change as well then I'd have started from scratch.

  Lord Isleworth 10:05 23 Mar 2006

Thanks JWJ, I would prefer to adopt your approach, because i like the design of the site, any tips on how to proceed, websites/book, not sure where to start really?

  JWJ 11:18 23 Mar 2006

Without knowing the extent of your knowledge and seeing the site in question it's hard to say. As a complete novice I began by defining my main font styles in a style sheet. Then I picked an easy page, linked it to the style sheet and edited out all the <font> tags substituting <h1>,<h2>, etc. This gave me a feel for how css worked. After that I tackled such as background colours and eventually worked my way up to replacing all of my tables with div's. My source of reference was mainly click here supplemented by Google searches.

  Lord Isleworth 15:07 24 Mar 2006

JWJ - many thanks for taking the time to reply. Will check that link out

  just md 15:01 30 Mar 2006

I've recently been trying to get to grips with CSS and have found books by Eric Meyer, Dan Cederholm and Dave Shea very good. They explain the 'why' as well as the 'how'. They're all on Amazon.

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