CSRiskMon.exe - what does it do?

  tallboy 09:17 24 Mar 2009

When I turned on my PC this morning, Kaspersky Internet Security took an age to update its database. When it had finished and the PC was idle, I checked the processor list in the Task Manager and discovered that CSRiskMon.exe was taking up 74% of the processor capacity. No wonder KIS took a long time to update!

What applications use CSRiskMon.exe and what does it do? How can I stop it taking so much processor time?

I recently upgraded IE7 to IE8 and now this takes an age to start up. IE8 was not running when I checked the Task Manager to discover that CSRiskMon.exe was taking most of the CPU power - but are they related?

Any ideas to stop CSRiskMon.exe taking most of my CPU power would be welcome.



  brundle 09:34 24 Mar 2009

"C:\Program Files\CyberScrub Privacy Suite\CSRiskMon.exe" - uninstall the program?

  tallboy 13:01 24 Mar 2009

Thanks for the quick response Brundle. I have just this minute worked out that was probably the cause of the problem - and sure enough, it was.

I have used CyberScrub for a year or so, but last week I upgraded to the latest version which I was requested to do by their tech support to fix a problem I had reported 6 months ago. Some time after starting the program I got a low disk memory message - even though I had 17GB free on the C drive when I started it! It seems that in the multi-pass scrubbing it generates endless files that fill up your disk - rather than doing a few at a time.

I'll try and find a better alternative application for securely deleting files.

  brundle 23:51 24 Mar 2009

Freeware; click here

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