altes 22:47 24 May 2005

after taking my old computer to a shop to be repaired it came back with this on screen
by the time i tried to use the computer it was too late to complain as we moved away
how can i get my windows back
it wont recognise any commands to load windows cd

  boot-it-out 09:31 25 May 2005

Can you :
a) Get Windows to start in "Safe Mode" by pressing F8 during the start up sequence ?
b) Access DOS - maybe using a Windows Start Up Disc ( and if you don't have one get a friend with the same Windows version to make you one )

Either way if you need to try disabling the above command which will be in your autoexec.bat file.

If you can get Windows Safe Mode to start just click "Run" then type "msconfig" and press enter - click on the Autoexec.bat tab and clear the tick from alongside this command, then click Apply and restart the computer.

If you can't get into Windows at all, but can access DOS, then from within DOS type :

edit c:\autoexec.bat

This will open up a DOS window displaying the contents of your autoexec.bat file. At the start of the "c:\smartdrv.exe.x" line type "REM" and a space ( without the quotes ).

The "REM" command tells the computer to ignore that line.

Click File, then Save, and File then Exit

Close everything down and reboot the PC - not forgetting the obligatory fingers crossed routine !

Although this may be a start to getting you back up and running, if it was me, even though I've moved address, I'd be trying to sort it out with the company that did the repair - give them a phone call - it's their responsibility to sort it out if they've messed it up !

Good luck !

"Boot-It-Out" click here

  altes 20:49 31 May 2005

tried the responce to my problem with no succsess
it will only respond to the old ms dos of which i have no knowledge thanks anyway

  VoG II 21:00 31 May 2005

Are you saying that you are getting a black screen with the message and a > prompt?

If so at the > prompt type

sysedit autoexec.bat

and delete any lines that refer to smartdrv.

File/Save and Exit. Restart.

(basically the same as boot-it-out said).

If not, we need a more detailed description of the problem.

  altes 13:58 11 Jun 2005

thank you all for trying to help whit my problem ihave
now fixed by replacing the hard drive

  altes 21:44 12 Jun 2005

does anybody know where i can get the drivers for a mighty 3D11 accelerator for win 98
please help

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