Cryptographic services failed to initialise the......... ESENT error 253

  Aristocatman 09:28 21 Jan 2015

Not sure if the problem is connected but a short time after start up or restart the screen freezes. I notice that there is no hard drive action. restarting usually works OK.I had a look at the system logs & there is a string of error messages all the same - The cryptographic Services failed to initialise the Catalog Database. The ESENT error was -583. I looked this up in Microsofts help pages but this only referred to Windows Server 2008 Event ID 257 - System Catalog Database Integrity. & repair instructions using Esentutl. PC is a DELL T5500 OS is Windows 7 pro a second user PC from ebay I have used Speedzooka to sort other problems - successfully! but this freezup problem persists.

The repair procedure is a bit daunting as it can involve replacing the Catroot2 folder. I would appreciate advice please.

  Aristocatman 13:09 21 Jan 2015

I have used the windowstechies how to fix 'ESENT.dll' download & will see if it has fixed the problem It uses Regcure Pro so I hope the payout is worthwhile. I will update in a day or so.

  Aristocatman 14:57 26 Jan 2015

Well that didn't work! Still got the problem Just can't run windows update or any troubleshooters!

  Aristocatman 07:55 07 Mar 2015

Fixed it! found a site that posted a link to Intel to download a driver for the hard drives controller. After reboot I was able to run updates. It is a pity the second user supplier hadn't updated the system before selling the problem would not have existed!

  Aristocatman 11:21 08 Mar 2015

Half the world think it is the bees knees half hate it! I've never had a problem myself.

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