'Crunchy' hard drive

  seventiesdolly 10:05 10 Aug 2006

My pc is less than a year old, but just recently it's really noisy when i'm opening or closing a programme. It's not the whirring of the fan, it's a really 'crunchy' noise. I've run all the usual spywre checks etc, but nothing has come up, so i'm worried my hard drive is on it's way out already!

  FelixTCat 10:09 10 Aug 2006


You may well be right. Make sure that you back up any important data daily. Consider buying another hard drive and putting all your data on it, setting your programs to save future data to it directly.

Whilst the pc is open, check that all the connections are firmly in place and that the hard drive is secure in the pc (not rattling around).



  rodriguez 10:34 10 Aug 2006

The crunchy noise is the heads in the hard drive moving across the disk as it accesses data. This could be a sign that the drive is wearing out, but it could also mean the drive is fragmented. When a drive is fragmented it becomes noisier and takes longer to load things. Try defragmenting it first and if it's still noisy, you might need a new one.

  seventiesdolly 11:52 10 Aug 2006

So where do I need to go, and what do I need to ask for?
I got the pc from pc world, and with having limited pc knowledge, their 'experts' will just say 'we'll wipe your hard drive for £35' and that will be it....

  seventiesdolly 11:54 10 Aug 2006

Oh, and i've defragged and it barely needed doing...

  xania 15:33 10 Aug 2006

If your PC is less than a year old, it will still be under warranty. Take it back, having first backed up all your data and then securely (I don't trust them not to reuse the HD) deleted all your data and teell them you want a new Hard Disk fitted under warranty. There's absolutely no justification for the charge as there is very little benefit likely to come from wiping the HD and that you can easily do yourself (with a little help from this forum)- I assume you've got a system restore CD or it may be a partition on the HD. Incidentally, if your system restore is on the HD, you will have to insist that they copy this onto the new HD as otherwise you will have completely lost your Operating system.

  seventiesdolly 11:40 04 Sep 2006

Hi, just thought i'd give everyone who was good enough to reply, an update.
I rang PC World as my comp is still under warranty until the 17th of Sept, it was indeed a slowly dying hard drive, and they're going to replace it with a new one - result!
Not looking forward to having to download all the windows updates again though....

  xania 14:59 04 Sep 2006

They may well be able to copy eveything from the old to new drive for you - does not harm to ask.

  jolorna 15:24 04 Sep 2006

just make sure your restore disc will still work with a new hard drive, unless they put the same make and model hard disc in

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