Crucial memory scan vs SiSoft Sandra

  Billyke 17:12 20 Jun 2010


I wanted to increase the RAM so I ran Crucial scan then bought a couple of secondhand chips using the results (cheeky, I know!). They are 1Gb DIMMs.

I have actually tried Kingston, Hynix and Crucial RAM but the system only reads half (ie 512Mb not 1Gb). The system won't boot at all with the Crucial chip in!!

The mystery -
Crucial scan says: unbuffered, NON-ECC RAM.
SiSoft Sandra says: ECC Ram.

Which is right? I am using low-density NON-ECC RAM at the moment but would it make any difference if I tried ECC, would it read the whole memory?

It's an MSI mobo. Would it be worth going to their website and trying to update the BIOS?

Anyone any ideas please?

  citadel 18:08 20 Jun 2010

download motherboard manual from msi, this has all you need to know.

  Billyke 16:08 04 Jul 2010

Many thanks.

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