From CRT monitor to TFT Flat screen

  Michel 15:31 07 Nov 2003

I use a Mesh Matrix 2700 systwm and Xp. The monitor is a NEC/Mitsubishi 19" 930 Pro and I wish to replace the monitor with a 18" TFT unit but find it difficult to relate the range of prices and specs. I want to use DVI input but am not sure if it is of any value; the main use would be for photo editing.has anyone any experience.

  flecc 16:31 07 Nov 2003

Can't recommend a particular TFT model as I don't use one, but you'll need to be careful with your choice for this application. CRT still has the edge for overall picture quality and colour accuracy, particularly when photo editing, so you'll need a very good TFT to avoid disappointment.

Hopefully others who are pleased with their TFT choice will give some model recommendations.

  duplo 18:42 07 Nov 2003

I am using a NEC 17" an have no problems. I would recomend going to a shop and taking a look.

  A_World_Maker 19:02 07 Nov 2003

I use a 18.1" Sharp Tft monitor with DVI, it works superb for me. It worked well using the Analogue connection as well as the DVI so can't comment on which is better.

  Djohn 19:39 07 Nov 2003

Yes, I use a 17" TFT and it's excellent. Toms hardware guide is also stating that the Higher priced/quality TFT's being manufactured now, will stand up well in graphic work to the best quality CRT's. J. click here

  A_World_Maker 21:21 07 Nov 2003

If you use a tft and a DVI connection, the refresh rate will be locked to suit the signal, whats more important would be the Contrast ratio, Native Resolution, The cadelleas per M2 (for brightness) and for moving graphics.. the update speed/refresh rate. Basically all the same things for a CRT but the refresh rate isnt the same as the sync rate of the signal (typically 60hz).

  dotterel 21:39 07 Nov 2003

Try a search on this site for TFT and you'll get lots of feedback. The vast majority is very positive. I've got a Philips 170B4 MG, using analogue input (old computer), although the screen has DVI and quite honestly I can't see how it could be better! I'm delighted with it. I used to do a lot of 35mm slide work and I would consider myself to be really picky...

  DieSse 00:19 08 Nov 2003

Bear in mind you can only use DVI if your graphics card has a DVI output. Using a converter gives no benefit at all.

  Michel 17:51 12 Nov 2003

Thank you all for your helpfull and positive advice; it has helped my wife and I to decide to go TFT. I am blind and cannot evaluate the size and snape of equipment and my wife is the photo editor but not eqipment minded.

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