crossover cable connection

  harysman 14:04 20 Mar 2006

Is it possible to access files with crossover cable between laptop and pc, if windows is faulty in pc and I cant configure it for network,its still running but windows xp not starting. I just need to get few files from harddisk before I install windows again.

  Danoh 14:55 20 Mar 2006

I don't think you can ~ you will need Windows' networking components to be able to access your PC via crossover cable connected to your laptop.

I presume you can not get access to another Windows (XP for NTFS files?) PC, to which you could attach the harddisk?

  harysman 15:55 20 Mar 2006

is there any other methods to access my harddisk

  Danoh 19:39 20 Mar 2006

Even USB requires the USB components in your problem harddisk to be intact and working ~ sorry, I don't know of any other method apart from using another PC and hooking your harddrive to that as a slave.

If you don't have one nor know anyone who does, I guess the other alternative is to go to a computer shop, PC World, etc., and see if they will access and extract those files for you.
I'm sure their fee will be reasonable?

  mgmcc 19:51 20 Mar 2006

You could mount the drive in a USB external enclosure such as this - click here= - and then plug it directly into the laptop.

Networking isn't going to work if the PC doesn't boot, so to recover files you are going to have to connect the drive to a working system.

  Numbnuts2001 20:13 20 Mar 2006

You could boot from a Linux 'Live cd' which will run the linux operating system from the cd and give you access to your windows drives in read only mode. Then
it's just a case of copying your files onto a usb key. Knoppix is one of the most feature packed live cd's around, you'll be able to download an ISO if you've got broadband then burn it to cd.

  Danoh 21:29 20 Mar 2006

mgmcc; didn't think of setting it up as an external hard drive!

Numbnuts2001; good idea!
harysman; if you have a Windows boot CD or floppy you can start your PC up with that inserted.
That would load some key Windows boot files into memory. Then you can use DOS-like commands to copy the files into a USB pen drive as suggested, or another floppy disk.

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