Crossover cable

  Craig.m 09:29 19 May 2003

I have just bought a second PC and am attempting to nework it to my original PC. They are both running XP, both of which are up to date with the various patches and updates.

My old machine was on Broadband with Cable, I have added an additional 10/100 card to the new PC and it now connects to broadband. I have been informed that rather than the usual hub it is more expedient to use a crossover cable between the 2 PC's on their 10/100 cards. Connected the cable, went to create a network, not a lot seems to be happening after the creation and floppy into old PC, can only see my new PC information. The two don't seem to see each other and as for sharing internet - not a thing on old PC.

I thought that due to getting my cable from e-bay - it was a good price, I will check it is a crossover and not a straight through. Can someone confirm the connections should be as follws: Pin1 to Pin 3, Pin 2 to Pin 6, Pin 3 to 1 and 6 to 2.

I am clueless as to what home networking is supposed to be like and the setting up of it is a real walk in the dark. So seeing as it didn't work I thought I would bell out the cable first and then try again before coming back with further questions.


  Legolas 09:47 19 May 2003

That sounds like xover to me. Check on both machines that you have no firewals running especially the built in firewalls that come with XP which will be on by default. Both these firewalls must be turned off for the network to operate.

  Legolas 09:57 19 May 2003

click here have a look here

  Craig.m 10:00 19 May 2003

Once I confirm the connections details I will check the cable.

One issue I have with this disabling of Fireewalls is that I would want a firewall to be running for Internet connection. Should I get the network up and running first and then enable firewall protection or are Home networking and firewalls mutually exclusive?

ALthough use networks at work and have had some dabblings, this home networkking seems different but I hope it enables the sharing of Broadband and also printer and the like.

  recap 10:04 19 May 2003

click here for crossover cable.

click here for networking.

  Legolas 10:20 19 May 2003

Once you have the network up and running you can install and configure a firewall. A home network is capable of sharing files,printer and Internet connection this is all set up from the within XP.

  Craig.m 10:52 19 May 2003

OK - I think I have the pin connections to check the cable out - though Recap's link has a totally reversed view of what I have managed to find.

Will go and check out the cable tonight and then come back with further questions if the cable is OK.

Will close this as I have the answer to the original question (I think) Thanks for the links on Networking.


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