crossfading mp3 tracks

  3rdday 22:42 04 Jun 2003

Does anyone know a good bit of free software that will join and crossfade mp3 tracks?

I've got Nero, but because its the OEM version it doesn't include the crossfade option that is in the retail version. I don't want to have to buy another product just to get this facility

  ton 00:41 05 Jun 2003

You should be able to upgrade Nero free on the Nero website. Failing that Winamp is good and free, plus you can download a crossfade plugin.

  3rdday 13:27 05 Jun 2003

Forgot to mention that I need to save the crossfaded output so I can copy it to CD. Can you do this with Winamp?

I've upgraded Nero, but it is still without the crossfading bit. It seems it doesn't upgrade an OEM version to a retail one.

  ton 04:20 06 Jun 2003

I think you will find that you have got this

option in Nero. However, I don't think it is

available when making an mp3 CD. If you choose to

make an 'audio CD' (your mp3's will be converted

to wave) right click one of the selected files

in the audio window and you will see the option

to tick the crossfade box. Nero will allow you to

fade in and out (sinusiodial, exponential,

linear or logarithmic) in Wave Editor.

However if you want to crossfade, then simply

click right mouse on the track in your audio

window, select properties and you will get a

Audio Track Info window with three tabs, you can

click crossfade (the last check box on the first

tab, I believe) and then select the number of

seconds to crossfade with the previous track.

  3rdday 10:19 06 Jun 2003

I don't have the crossfade option at all, because I have the OEM version and its only in the retail version.

  ton 02:36 07 Jun 2003

My Nero is an upgraded OEM version.

  3rdday 20:36 22 Jun 2003

Seems I need to pay Ahead $19 for a serial number to upgrade my OEM version to a retail version.

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