Cross Over to Patch Panel?

  CrazyTalk 10:55 17 Sep 2012


Am running Cat6 cable to my cellar. I plan to run a face plate in the walls of all rooms where there will be an ethernet connection. Originally when I did this in a previous house I wired two rooms together i.e. a face plate in one room and the other end a face plate. I did a cross over cable for this so when connecting anything at the other end it would talk to the device in the other room i.e. room A NAS straight through to face plate, room B PS3 straight through to face plate for example.

However as I will be connecting multiple rooms together in to a patch panel then switch / router how will this then work? For all rooms where there is face plate do I crossover all cable to the patch panel or straight through? If straight through to the patch are my patch leads then cross overs to the switch? A little lost on this one

  Forum Editor 11:53 29 Sep 2012

Can you not just simplify the whole process by doing it wirelessly?

  mgmcc 14:15 29 Sep 2012

If wireless isn't feasible, why don't you use "straight" wired cables as you would in a router-to-computer connection? If you need to connect two computers, or similar devices, directly via the face plates, connect one of them with a "crossover" cable. Modern computers etc may have auto-sensing ports in which case the cable configuration won't matter.

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