cross over or patch?

  monkon2 16:35 08 Feb 2004

i want network my computer with my kids computer. on investigation i am lft with one query: is a patch cable the same as a crossover cable?

i am not using a hub and have found that patch cables are cheaper than cross over cables but obviously if i have to buy a crossover cable then i will have to bite the bullet!

please help!!!!

  PanMan 16:51 08 Feb 2004

In my experience a patch cable is the general term used for a cable that connects or patches two pieces of electronic equipment together. In network terms the most common being a patch lead with an RJ45 plug either end to connect the network card of a PC to the network terminal box on the wall or where ever. The wires are connected in the same order to the terminal at both ends. A crossover is the same but the term means that at least two of the wires cross over, that is to say they connect in a different order to the terminal at one end to that of the other. Some modems require cross over cables because BT wiring is different to that used in the USA, some Routers also use a cross over, it all depends. tto s tat

  leo49 16:59 08 Feb 2004

For a simple network PC to PC you need a crossover cable - they're quite inexpensive.

  leo49 17:02 08 Feb 2004

click here

The above explains in detail.

  leo49 17:16 08 Feb 2004

Range of lengths,prices,suppliers;

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click here

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  Smiler 17:43 08 Feb 2004

Some threads for you:-

click here

click here

A site dedicated to networking two computers:-

click here

It definately a crossover cable you need otherwise the computers are trying to send & receive messages to & from each other down the same cables.

  monkon2 07:56 09 Feb 2004

Thanks for all the info, definitely a crossover i need.

cheers to all who replied

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