Crop photos to remove borders

  ponytail 19:36 29 Dec 2012

I have some photos which I have scanned for my wife as she wants to put them in a frame.My son came around last week and changed some photos but I cannot remember how he did it.We want to get rid of all the white borders around the photos.I thought he cliced on edit it was certainly something in the top R/H corner he clicked on.He seemed to drag four lines down to the size of the photo and then cropped off all the white area can someone advise

  ponytail 20:23 29 Dec 2012

Hi Jock1e All I get when I click on the link is this


  ponytail 20:25 29 Dec 2012

sorry this


  lotvic 20:28 29 Dec 2012

Which program are you/did your son use?

Yes it is the 'crop' tool you use. But please make a copy of the photo and work on that so as to preserve the original in case of mistakes.

  lotvic 20:56 29 Dec 2012

Jock1e, your link works for me for Ashampoo (I have said thanks on your thread that gives links to several freebies )

ponytail, say which program you're using so can be more specific on which buttons to press..

  ponytail 11:10 30 Dec 2012

I have been trying irfanview I chose photo to crop drew the diaginal lines clicked on edit then cut area outside of the selection then edit then paste what do I do then.I tried save as but the photo is still the same something not quite right

  iscanut 11:51 30 Dec 2012

I find Picassa very easy to use for cropping. When you have the program installed and running, select the photo and then use the Crop option. Lots of ways of doing it, so give it a try .

  lotvic 14:14 30 Dec 2012

This is for Irfanview 4

Edit | create custom crop selection | (Actual ratio from image) | use mouse cursor to drag the selection border lines (double headed arrow on lines) up or down, and left or right to cover the area you want to keep inside your 'box' | Edit menu, 'Crop Selection' (or hold down Crtl and press Y)

now go to, File | Save As and Save the result as (name of file here)cropped.jpg (jpg - or whatever file extension you want)

Now you can open your newly saved cropped picture in whatever program you want and do whatever you want with it :)

  lotvic 18:28 30 Dec 2012

Have you done it yet?

  lotvic 18:43 30 Dec 2012

Woolwell, yes, they will still need a pair of scissors or trimmer taking to 'em if necessary :) Guess it depends on what's planned for the finished photo.

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