crm software for quotations etc

  rsturbo 13:32 15 Jul 2013

hi, i need a software package that will allow me to; create quotation for customer (and save into pdf format to send to them) keep record of all customer quotes every time i need to quote i can just call up the customers details and this will populate the quote form.

any ideas appreciated

thank you

  spuds 14:56 15 Jul 2013

Have you considered Intuit products click here be worth a look click here might also be an option, and if so, there are some good Excel people on the forum who may offer help and assistance.

Might Excel

  spuds 14:59 15 Jul 2013

Might Excel at the bottom of the post- I didn't put that there, the website did. The two references Might and Excel should have gone after the click here?.

  Danial 11:09 05 Aug 2013

Hi rsturbo,

I suggest you go for the CRM which is not only supports your business but also your customization requirement.Many big providers are their but after dealing with client they can't satisfy the client requirement, I'll recommend you go for the new one lke BingoCRM(free trial version),superoffice etc they will not only customize your requirement according to your need but also gives you best support. I hope it helps you. Danial

  LastChip 11:59 06 Aug 2013

You could use openCRX which is a very powerful system (you can find a demo in the link).

It's free, open source and can run on a low powered machine. If you run it on a Linux operating system, essentially, you can have the whole lot (legally) for free, with next to no maintenance. But make sure whatever you use, you back up your database.

If it does what you want and you use it, then have a thought for the developers and send them a donation (and no, I'm not one of the developers).

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