Critical Updates from MS

  prima12 19:13 15 Apr 2004

Hi all, Can anybody suggest why I can't download any critical updates from the MS Windows Update page. I scan for any updates, select to install and all that happens is the web page dialogue box opens and just sits in the middle of my screen. Can I obtain these updates elsewhere?
I'm running W98se & IE 6.0. Would it have any effect because my default browser is at the moment Avant? P.

  AL D. 19:25 15 Apr 2004

you can order a free Security Update cd from Microsoft, no charge and no shipping fee, for Win.98 thru here

  ^wave^ 19:29 15 Apr 2004

possibly really busy site

  GaT7 19:36 15 Apr 2004

Yes same here Prima. Same OS & also using Avant. Your not the only one - there's probably a problem at the Win update site - click here.

I finally managed to download & install on my 8-10th attempt having tried at various times of the day & night until I finally go it. Only 2 new Win updates (both IE related) for Win98se & no more than 3Mb. Did take longer to download than usual, though (on 56K dialup).

  prima12 19:42 15 Apr 2004

I think this may have something to do with my other thread about not being able to open links with IE6, which I posted a short time ago. I tried going about it a different way and found that if I opened the 'more info.' box on the update page I could download and save from there, but not all of the updates.

  prima12 20:06 15 Apr 2004

I forgot to say thanks for the link to the Update CD from MS, I've asked for one to be sent to me.

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