C:\restore\temp files

  osben 09:54 29 Jul 2003

The other day my firewall indicated that someone was trying to scan my computer so as a precaution I carried out a virus scan but this was very very slow.

On checking for any abnormalities I did find over 63,000 .cpy files in the temp folder of my c:\restore folder.

I have temporarily turned Restore off and it is my intention to delete these files. the first one I tried to delete, I get a message come up that Windows cannot delete as the file may be in use. How can a .cpy file be in use??

Firstly is it safe to delete these files and Secondly how do I delete the files that my system will not let me.
Thirdly hopefully when I have deleted can I turn the "Restore" feature back on and make a restore point as usual

Would appreciate any help.


  osben 10:09 29 Jul 2003

Thanks for the quick reponse.

Are you saying that it is OK to delete the .cpy Files in my C:\restore\temp folder

I have turned restore off and rebooted but still get the message that I cannot delete due to "the file may be in use"

  osben 10:20 29 Jul 2003

I can't see the point of keeping over 63,000 file if I don't need them.

Any ideas how I get rid of the files as per my first request? (third paragraph)

I realise the point you make regard someone scanning my computer. I am not woried about that.


  osben 10:46 29 Jul 2003

Thanks for that address bvw I will try that.

Unfortunately Jester2K II I have tried your suggestion and it does not solve the problem.


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