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  parten 20:49 19 Jan 2005

Can anyone tell me where to find info for credit card sales.
My wife and I are starting a cloths shop and I am designing a site with the norm photos, text and sales. I am an intranet designer at work but have no idea on how to go about putting credit card sales and info on. Any advice very welcome.

Thank you

  Taran 21:31 19 Jan 2005

Yuo need a third party to handle the payments.

PayPal and NoChex are two that are qute well suited to smaller websites.

'Proper' credit card handling requires quite a lot of money to set up by comparison. You need a special type of merchant bank account, an account with someone like Verisign, sometimes a secure certificate for your web server and all kinds of other things.

I'd start with the PayPal click here and NoChex sites click here for lots of very useful information.

  User-312386 23:10 19 Jan 2005

I know lots of companies now take the order then give a "ring back service" to take card details

  Forum Editor 00:46 20 Jan 2005

getting a 'Cardholder Not Present' Internet merchant account is far from easy, and unless you expect a high volume of sales and already have a VISA merchant account (which I assume you don't) it is probably best avoided - at least initially.

Many people don't like the PayPal system because it involves your customers in setting up accounts with PayPal before they (the customers) can use their credit cards. The best advice I can give someone like you is to
click here and look at the Worldpay system. It's widely used, very highly respected, and works perfectly.

  Talented Monkey 11:06 20 Jan 2005

When you say "setting up a clothes shop" do you mean a physical shop somewhere and wanting a website as part of your business or are you just going to be solely an internet based company? Only it might be easier to incorporate and implement certain features if you already have or wil facilities to take cards in your physical shop.

  parten 18:17 20 Jan 2005

Thank you all for helping.
It is a physical shop and the site will part of the business where they can order and use their card on the site.


  Forum Editor 19:02 20 Jan 2005

Well that's something I've learnt - I didn't know you could use Paypal without opening an account and registering your details with them. What I do know is that many people are deterred from using sites which only accept Payments via Paypal.

On the Worldpay front - I'm very surprised to hear that you had to leap "through a range of different hoops". I've worked with Worldpay on a number of occasions, and there's never been a single hitch.

  parten 21:08 21 Jan 2005

Thank you all for your help, It has been very interesting.


  yoeleven 13:20 27 Jan 2005

The abililty to pay for goods via paypal without registering first is very recent, they announced it within the last two weeks i think.

  The LED Lighting Company 23:38 29 Jan 2005

We currently use PayPal on our site and so far, touch plastic, no problems.

Also many comments received from customers on fast service, we are able to ship items the same day as email confirming receipt of payment is instant.
It is also possible to give refunds, if needed within a certain time frame, just in case things go wrong.

We have also helped customers that have not had an account to send us money, wothout them setting up a PayPal account.

One thing to think about with PayPal is the fees that are deducted on receipt of payment.

Maybe if you take credit cards in store, it could be worth a call to your bank to see if they can offer advise on setting this up, its worth a call.

Good Luck


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