Credential Manager Using W/7

  birdface 10:22 25 Nov 2011

Went into Credential Manager in Control Panel just to have a look to see what it actually did.

I came across this on it.

Virtuallapp/didlogical with a username and password on it.

Deleted it but it comes back.

Having Googled it I find out it is something to do with Windows Live Essentials.Windows Mail and Windows messenger and if you use any of those you will have this username and password on your computer as well.

Surely it cannot be right for Microsoft to put a username and password on your computer without your knowledge.

Does it mean that they can have access to your computer at any time.

Can you have Windows Live mail on your computer without having Windows Live Essentials downloaded.

  rdave13 10:56 25 Nov 2011

Isn't that the store for automatic log in for live mail etc?

  birdface 11:09 25 Nov 2011

That's the one but it also has, Virtuallapp/didlogical with a username and password on it.

And no way of removing it as it comes with Windows Live Mail Etc.

I have deleted it but it just keeps coming back again.

  northumbria61 12:36 25 Nov 2011

buteman have you seen this one? Scroll to bottom of Page 1 enter link description here

  birdface 12:48 25 Nov 2011


Thanks for that.I use Windows Live Mail and Windows messenger so looks like I am stuck with it.

My own opinion is it should not be allowed and gives Microsoft the option of getting into anybody's computers without asking.

I would go back to my old e-mail supplier Incredimail but that has been going downhill recently.

  northumbria61 21:12 25 Nov 2011


I have been using Incredimail for about 8 to 9 years now and it is something you either love or hate. I have never used anything else since I ditched MS Outlook (such a dull/boring bit of software) and I have never had a problem with it. Why not give it another try.

  victy23 02:43 26 Nov 2011

get another try ,try to find a better one

  birdface 08:49 26 Nov 2011


Like you I used Incredimail for years.But Emisoft Anti Malware classed it as a Trojan downloader and kept blocking parts of it.

Then when you actually downloaded it it would add other programs even though you had unticked them so you had to delete them.But they would keep poping up.

I might give it another go as WLM keeps freezing on my 64Bit computer but is ok on the 32Bit one.Just wish I had never got the 64 bit version as it is much slower than the 32Bit especially on start up and shut down.probably browsing as well.

  gengiscant 10:18 26 Nov 2011

I use Windows 7 64 Bit and start up is around the 35-45 seconds mark. No doubt having an SSD helps but I also use this which will stop programs starting or delay them which will also increase boot times.Soluto.

  birdface 11:21 26 Nov 2011


I had a look at reviews for it some good some bad so will give it a miss just now.

Not to say that I will not try it later.Start up time with the 32Bit is not bad the start up time with the 64 bit is not as good so if I do try it later it will be on that one.

I understand it can be quite difficult to remove unless you use Revo uninstaller.

As the only way to remove that username and password is to remove Security Essentials and all that goes with it means that there are no other fix for this so will class as resolved, but anyone that would like to add any suggestions to this feel free to do so.

  rdave13 18:31 26 Nov 2011

I run two browsers, FireFox and IE. So went to the registry and deleted the user name for Virtuallapp/didlogical. Found three names so deleted all three then removed it from the vault. Rebooted and the thing regenerated in the registry. IE9 was OK but FireFox lost the auto login when you click on the login fields here. Searching why it is needed then answers are vague to say the least. Most common one is that it is part of Windows 7?

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